I am a captive of this magical afternoon That will quickly turn to chilly evening much too soon

So I continue to languish in repose As I sit here and write out more of my silly prose ©JoAndra P. Proia

Need to Get Going was written on a fabulous spring day, you

know those early days of spring where there is just something magic in the air? Yes one of THOSE days...and I just said forget all the chores and responsibilities, days like this are far and few between, I am going to GRAB IT and hold onto it. I hope you grab and hold on to days like that too when they do come along….. hang in there, spring will be here soon!

Bye Guys Bye guys

Mom's chasing another sunrise Why do I do it?

The promise of the early pre-dawn moon lures me to it Before all the yahoos come out

The earth is amazingly calm and quiet no doubt

Trying to find peace before the busyness of the world Starts its constant, incessant swirl

Amid all the daytime chaos

Trying to stay grounded by listening to Amadeus Today's debut is at 6:02

Come with me? Come and see?

There's untold beauty to be viewed ©JoAndra P. Proia

Bye Guys was a note I left on the kitchen counter as I head-

ed out to Belews Lake in Stokesdale for a sunrise paddle on my sup board. If you like water and nature and haven’t tried kayaking or stand up paddleboarding, you really should try it. It is a very special way to interact with nature. The kayak or sup puts you IN nature, not just near it. You are in very close contact with the water. Kayaking on flat water especially is good for any age and almost any physical condition.

Chasing the Days

Chasing the sunrise Chasing the flow

Chasing the sundown’s warming glow

Do you chase that exhilarating go go go? Rising well before dawn Where this time has she gone?

To meet the sun in the east and the moon in the west

Taking in all of earth moon and skies best so when winter arrives her soul can rest, rest sweet rest

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