e are spicing things up a bit for this month’s outdoor article. Welcome to a small collection of my outdoor/ nature poetry, each with a brief explanation of where

the inspiration happened and what was happening when it was written. Some are sad, some are happy….such is life, right? All of them are written from experience (or during experiences rather), outdoors, here in the Triad. We hope you enjoy a change of pace for this month’s “Natu-

ral Triad Outdoors.” The Hand of Man

The hand of man intent on damning the land Clearcut, dirt, no trees

No wonder there are fewer and fewer bees

Why the urge to uglify the earth and purge Oh it creates in my soul a sad sad dirge I cannot understand it

Do they not see that they are rapers and bandits? The earth is crying but she'll get her say

For one day soon these rapists of nature will rue the day ©JoAndra P. Proia

This poem came to me as I was stand up paddleboarding in

Belews Lake from the Piney Bluff access off of HWY 65 in Stokes- dale. It was depressing to have the paradox of a pristine, beautiful

Caitlyn Overby, LMBT & Rebecca Benson, LMBT

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You can always tell Where "they've" sat a spell

The multitudes of trash they leave behind

To nature, animals and other humans so unkind Stupid, selfish, not a care

I get so angry at the ghosts who leave such despair Cowards, low lifes, the lowest of the low

To the river, to the lake, to clean up after them once again we go

Assholes, jerks, do they even work?

Over and over trashing our beautiful spaces Oh how'd I'd like to smash their ugly faces

JoAndra P. Proia June 13, 2017

This poem was written right after The Hand of Man while I


blue sky day, green, lush trees, smooth, clear water, then your eyes fall on scourged earth, trampled of all vegetation and defiled with dirty trash, sometimes heaps of it, laying on the ground ev- erywhere you turn. Depressing, angering, maddening. Hard to understand why this happens. But it does, all the time, and we have to fight it. Our beautiful earth is worth it.

Where the Humans Are

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