was stand up paddling on Belews. The beauty of the lake was terribly defaced by this particular area where locals walk in to fish off the banks. I had the thought of making very large signs that say “PICK UP YOUR TRASH” and laminating them, then tacking them to trees along with a large trash bag. Who knows if it would help but at least it is doing SOMETHING.

Slow Down

Today I saw a beast on a hill, backlit with the rising sun crashing through the foggy chill I wanted to stop and take a pic

but I would have certainly gotten hit Rushing, pushing, tailgating me to death

These people are so distracted and don’t you dare incur their wrath

The man who angrily rode my bumper Never even saw the show stopping mind blowing sunrise stumper

It’s okay, I saw it in all its glory Peace and joy it infused into me

Fortitude for a long and busy day’s story

Today’s foggy sunrise, more worthy than any job they rush rush rush to

Missing life’s beautiful moments like astonishing sunrises, they totally missed this day’s cue

© JoAndra P. Proia, Nov. 13, 2017 Upper Cervical Care

Is the Best Kept Secret in Health Care

Your Missing Piece of the Puzzle? Migraines • Autoimmune Conditions

Digestive Disorders • Immune Deficiencies Neurological Problems For more information, visit

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M. Chad McIntyre, D.C. offers Orientation Classes at his office twice a month. 26

Slow Down was written while heading south into Greensboro

from the Northwest area of Guilford County. I was going by the stunningly beautiful Richardson property (the creator of Vick’s Vapor Rub) on the left as you head into town. If that ever gets developed it will be a sad sad day for many out here. If you have never driven Lake Brandt Road between where it becomes Lawn- dale and Scalesville Road in Summerfield, you really may want to. Stunning drive. Sad that so many were oblivious to the sunrise that beautiful morning. Slow down is the message here……

Hoeing Corn

I hoed corn with my dad today Not because I had to, but because I wanted to

Overcast sky, rain coming in, a gentle warm breeze Watching my dad, at his age, hoe with such ease

I loved being with him and being outdoors, even loved the sweating Our bodies toxin letting

Still don’t much like hoeing

But fond memories re-surfaced and I appreciated time well spent with my precious father a sowing

In a few weeks we’ll gather ‘round

Sinking our teeth into that sweet golden queen with a juicy crunching sound

Got to see my beloved brother too A hard working man, he’s no lazy fool

I fall asleep this night a little sore and with a smile

Grateful this days garden was not like those of my youth that went on like a country mile

Is Your Head On Straight? ©JoAndra P. Proia, May 15, 2018

Hoeing Corn, is for all those who have worked a garden…..

There is something so grounding from working the earth, the smell and feel of the dirt, the physical labor, and then of course the fruits of that labor. There is a re-emergence of young people going back to the land, growing organics and natural foods (mushrooms, herbs, berries etc.) and that is great news!

The brainstem regulates internal function; if compromised, the body breaks down and conditions gradually develop.

Need to dry, fold and put away the clothes they are so deep Need to prepare another dinner

Digestive Disorders • Immune Deficiencies Neurological Problems

Need to Get Going Need to get going, need to sweep

But none of those choices sounds like a winner What am I doing? For more information, visit

Triad Upper Cervical Clinic Now Accepting New Patients

432A W. Mountain St., Kernersville 336.992.2536

Still swaying in my hammock between two trees Relishing on my skin the tickling breeze

So enchanted by all the early spring sounds

Sweetly twittering birds and humming insects all around The sun is gentle, not too hot

A slight northerly breeze that continues to tease M. Chad McIntyre, D.C. offers Orientation Classes at his office twice a month.

Migraines • Autoimmune Conditions Upper Cervical Care

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