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Smart Oil Management – At The Touch of a Button FEM’s new system is safer, increases oil yield, turns waste oil into profit and is internet connected

The Smart Oil Management system, developed in the USA by Frontline International, has now been launched in the UK through FEM. The complete system eliminates the need for staff to handle oil, allowing operators to fill and empty fryers at the push of a button. It’s not only safer but also increases oil yield by 10% and helps the business turn waste oil into a profit-earner. Plus, it can be connected to the internet for remote management.

Frontline’s EZ Oil is the part of Smart Oil Management that makes filling fryers easy. It features a space-saving rack where boxed oil is stored. The boxes are connected to a pump system which fills the fryers when required. EZ Oil is compatible with many brands of boxed oil, so there’s no need for the

operator to change supplier.

For waste oil handling, Frontline offers a choice of indoor or outdoor tanks. When oil needs changing, staff simply push the button and the waste oil is pumped into the tank. Unlike some waste systems, these tanks don’t need to be hidden: their modern, good looking design and stainless steel exterior means they can be sited anywhere.

An optional web-based software package connects the system to the internet, giving managers a remote dashboard where they can monitor oil usage, standardise filtration, schedule waste oil pickups, measure diagnostics and so on.

The Smart Oil Management system allows operators to carefully control and account for every drop of oil – this level of

scrutiny typically saves 10% of oil usage. Meanwhile the tanks make it easy for operators to hold waste oil and sell it to third parties as biofuel – adding directly to the bottom line.

Frontline’s Smart Oil Management system is available through FEM dealers. The cost for a complete system starts at around £9,980. The estimated ROI is around 12-18 months.

For more information and details of local stockists call FEM on: +44 (0) 1355 244111, email: or visit:

Norfolk Refrigeration Manufacturer Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

With sales and exports growing, Precision plans to double capacity

A Norfolk-based British manufacturer is doing rather well both over here and over there as it celebrates its tenth anniversary. With business up 30% in the past year, exports accounting for 40% of production, and sales to the Middle East up 500% compared to 2017, Brexit doesn’t seem to be a problem for Precision Refrigeration – in fact, it’s looking to double production capacity in the next two years. The company makes commercial refrigeration for the foodservice industry and counts many illustrious chefs amongst its customers, including Michel Roux Junior.

2008 was the year the company became Precision Refrigeration and focused its output on the foodservice industry. It was also the year that Managing Director Nick Williams joined the firm. “These last ten years have been an amazing success story – it just shows what a team working together can achieve,” he says. “From R&D through production to the sales force and our dealer network, we have a fabulous pool of expertise made up of dedicated, hardworking and creative people.”


That creativity has led to Precision developing some radical products that have captured the imagination of the foodservice market – none more so than its award-winning Retro Refrigeration range. Mixing 50s styling with the very latest technology, Retro has turned a restaurant’s refrigeration from kitchen workhorse to a talking point and a style feature.

“Our R&D department is working on new models to extend the range,” says Nick. “Retro was originally conceived as a one-off, but it’s generated a huge buzz of interest and, while it’s still a relatively small part of our overall business, we’re obviously looking to make the most of its success.”

Since 2008 Precision’s sales have gone up

on average 25% per year – hence the plans to expand production, which will also mean the company will need to recruit more factory operatives, engineers and support staff.

Meanwhile, this year the company will celebrate its anniversary with two birthday parties – one at a venue near its factory and offices in Thetford, and one in London at the Orrery in Marylebone High Street. “The parties will be a ‘thank you’ to our staff, our dealers and our customers for all their support and input into Precision’s success,” says Nick.

For more information check out the Precision website (, or call the company directly on: +44 (0)1842 753 994

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