A first for the professional cleaning sector, Kärcher has unveiled the WVP 10 Professional Window and Surface Cleaner, a multi-directional, cordless device that enables effortless cleaning of any flat surface. Kärcher’s cleverly-designed device introduces a new concept that will provide businesses with fast, efficient, multi-application cleaning and drying, eliminating the need for a bucket of water and cloth, which quickly become dirty.

The WVP 10 is a lightweight and ergonomic handheld cleaning device that can be used to clean any kind of horizontal, vertical, or even overhead flat surface, such as tiles, windows, tables, and mirrors. The product features a large capacity dirty water collection tank, powerful suction and a removable battery for extended use, plus the advanced version comes with a second battery and quick charger for continuous cleaning time. The product is easy to operate, with a soft-grip for comfortable use and a manually adjustable distance holder ensures a perfect, streak-free finish.

Key features of the WVP 10 include:

- Robust design for long life - Spray bottle with microfibre attachment - Suction nozzle for multi-directional cleaning - Fast charge battery (60 minutes) - Lightweight at 700g - Large container capacity (200ml) - Changeable battery for continuous work - Hygienic for the operator as no direct contact with dirty water

Easy handling and practical benefits make the WVP 10 ideally suited to a variety of industries including retail, offices and hospitality. This versatile device also has a range of optional accessories such as a small suction nozzle, a scraper, a telescopic extension pole and different sized squeegee blades, among others, to professionally clean even the trickiest of surfaces.

Kärcher is a leading worldwide provider of cleaning technology, including pressure washers, steam cleaners, car washes, vacuum cleaners, sweepers and scrubber driers, among others. And as experts in cleaning, innovation is a vital part of the Kärcher’s culture and the company prides itself on finding forward-thinking solutions to technical problems with creativity.


This approach has driven the conception of the WVP 10 to address the challenges associated with cleaning on-the-go in busy, customer-facing environments.

Many businesses need to maintain a hygienic and presentable workplace in a fast-paced environment where keeping on top of mess and dirt is a constant battle. Hotels, restaurants and bars, shopping centres; they all face constant customer interaction and need to maintain a clean and pleasant setting. The WVP 10’s suitability to these diverse cleaning challenges adds to the product’s appeal as it works equally well on tables, windows, tiles, showcase displays; the list goes on. Plus, its compact and smart appearance means it is equally at home in a fast-food outlet or an upmarket restaurant or hotel.

The WVP 10 is adaptable and will work at any angle to create a clean, dry, streak-free finish. In addition to its lightweight and handy size, the WVP 10’s selection of accessories helps expand its cleaning abilities. The telescopic extension set lengthens the WVP 10’s reach by up to 2m, making it easier to clean hard-to- reach spots. Two different sized squeegee blades allow for maximum coverage across large surface areas versus more targeted coverage in smaller spaces. Similarly, there is a small suction nozzle available and exchangeable battery, with the advanced version, the option to have an indoor as well as an outdoor microfibre cloth for optimum hygiene. The advanced version also features a scraper and quick battery charger.

A key benefit of the WVP 10 in these demanding situations is its quick and easy ability to both wash the surface with the microfibre cloth and dry without the risk of spillage and slip hazards or mess thanks to the built-in vacuum. And regardless of constant demand, the WVP 10 can keep going due to it’s large container and rechargeable battery. This ultimately leads to less downtime and an uplift in productivity, as other tasks can be given more attention when cleaning time is kept to a minimum. Another practical benefit of the WVP 10 is how easy it is to clean the unit itself. It can be quickly dismantled and rinsed under running water or the cleaning head and dirty water container can simply be placed in the dishwasher.

Nicola Clare, Product Manager at Kärcher UK said, “Our WVP 10 is an exciting introduction to the professional cleaning world as there’s nothing quite like it already out there. It’s a smart and efficient unit that eliminates the need for buckets or soggy cloths making it much-better suited to a professional environment, regardless of industry sector. It really is a fresh approach to professional cleaning and we’re proud to say that it delivers exceptional results.”

Perfectly suited to the demands of a professional workspace, the WVP 10 will revolutionise cleaning efficiency in busy, customer-facing environments.

For more information about Kärcher’s WVP 10 visit:

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