“We’re supplying two new kits to support outlets in making the most of the Freshers opportunity,” says Grabham:

1. The WKD Bar Team Kit is full of functional POS items that will help events run smoothly. It contains branded items such as bar-runners, bottle-openers and lanyards.

2. WKD’s Ice Bucket Kits make multi- serve deals easy to run and add a fun angle for students. The kits include a supply of ice buckets, tent-cards and promotional posters. “The ice bucket deals are intended for groups of friends to share and help alleviate pressure on the bar during busy student events.”

With more than 4,000 kits available in September and October, SHS Drinks is helping bar staff maximise the new term’s opportunities.

“Promoting themed nights in the early weeks of term is a good way to get on students’ radar. These kinds of events are great ice-breakers – both for outlets to ‘introduce’ themselves to new students and for students to meet one another.

“When it comes to what drinks to focus on, the RTD category is most definitely one that should be singled-out for special attention,” explains Grabham.

1 2 3 4

Source: GB TGI Q1 2018 Kantar Media UK Limited

Source: Total RTD category combined value (£): CGA On-trade MAT to 21.04.18 and Nielsen Take Home MAT to 14.07.18 Source: Nielsen Homescan 24.02.18

Source: Morning Advertiser Top 100 Brands research 16 SEPTEMBER 2018 WWW.VENUE-INSIGHT.COM

“RTDs are about high-energy occasions; they are about socialising and having fun with friends; and their core audience is 18-24 year-olds, so there’s a huge overlap with the student market.

In the same way that students are important to WKD, WKD is important to students: students love WKD and WKD loves students.”

WKD has reigned as the UK’s top-selling traditional RTD for over a decade and, at almost double the size of any other RTD brand, it remains the undisputed category-leader2 and a must-stock for outlets looking to maximise student sales. Innovative NPD and ground- breaking marketing support have driven the success of the £100 million brand2, ensuring that WKD remains fresh and relevant to its 18 to 24 year-old target market.

“Aside from stocking the right brands, the other key factor is to deliver experiences that students want to share with their friends – both physically and via social media. The student market is about immediacy and about interaction: students want to have fun and they want everyone they know to know they’re having fun!

“One top tip for Freshers events I’d recommend is to facilitate ‘instagrammable moments’ – be that with props or backdrops, or through the ‘theatre’ of drinks like WKD’s ever- popular sharing cocktail pitchers, or just via a great fun event. Nothing sells like ‘word of mouth’ recommendation and students love to share images of great nights out.

“2018 has been an impressive year for WKD with both the introduction of a new flavour variant - WKD Mango Crush – and the launch of a range of cocktails in cans under the name WKD MIXED. As the new term starts, our established, 48-strong student team is ready to drive awareness, trial and engagement with this autumn’s new student intake,” Grabham concludes.

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