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“It is not true that people stop

pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop

pursuing dreams.” Gabriel García Márquez

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • July 2018 • 7 JOKES & Humor # 2

Two girls speed down the highway at 90 mph.“Hey,” asks the girl at the wheel. “Do you see any police following us?” The other girl turns around. “As a matter of fact, I do.”

“Darn!” says the driver. “Are his flashers on?”

The passenger turns around again. “Yup. Nope. Yup. Nope. Yup.”

Hi Upbeat! HCHSAA(Hunter College High School Alumnae/i Association) colleagues with the Upbeat Times in hand in New York. Thank you for sharing several issues of the paper with me (Ellie Schmidt, the Upbeat Times, Just Chillin’ writer). Your writings for the Times are delight- ful and the recipes are appreciated! Pictured from left to right are: Maria Agronovskiy (Intern), Kinshasa Peterson (Communications Manager), Mabel Bermejo (Office Manager), and Elyse Reissman (Executive Director). ~ Kinshasa Peterson, Communications Manager for the Hunter College High School Alumnae/i Association. Learn more here about it’s famous student successes here: ~ Kinshasa Peterson of NEW York, NY.

JERRY NORMAN NAMED 2018 Rancher of the Year!

SANTA ROSA, CA. ~ The Sonoma County Fair Board and members of the local ranching industry are hon- ored to have selected Jerry Norman as the 2018 Out- standing North Bay Ranch- er and the recipient of the J.W.

Jamison Perpetual

Trophy. Jerry has always had a love for cattle and working outdoors. Growing up in Humboldt County, he helped his step father run auction yards in Fortuna and Ukiah. Needless to say the cattle business became second nature to him. A few years after graduating high school, he moved to Sonoma County. Running one of largest herds of com- mercial cattle

in Sonoma County, Jerry focuses on “Like all magnificent things, it’s very simple.” ~ Natalie Babbitt

raising cattle that are pro- ductive in his herd, while at the same time desirable for today’s market. He believes it’s important to be able to change with beef industry standards as well as all as- pects in agriculture.

The Sonoma County Fair is proud to present the Out- standing North Bay Ranch- er award to Jerry Norman. The Fair celebrated the hon- or during its annual Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, May 22 at the Fairgrounds and received the J.W. Jamison Perpetual Trophy.

He will also be recognized on Farmer’s Day at the Fair, Sunday, August 5 in Chris Beck Arena.

527-7277 - open Mon-Sat 9-5

225 West College Ave., Santa Rosa UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • July 2018 • 7

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