UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • July 2018 • 23 FEATURING: Beerfest, The GOOD ONE!

a great organization carry on a great cause.

2 Written by Barry O’Meara & photos by Paul Doyle

Sonoma County, CA. ~ Living in Sonoma County we have the unique opportunities to experi- ence some of the finest wines and the greatest craft beers and ales in

the country.

With summer here, there are plenty

of beer

festivals to look forward to. Last month the Beer Boys


enced one of best beer festivals around, Beerfest, The Good One. This Festival


put on by Face to Face, a non-profit whose mis- sion is to ending HIV in So- noma County while supporting the health and well-being of those living with


AIDS. This annual event has been held at

the Lu-

ther Burbank Center for the


Arts for It

has always been well organized

and has earned the name “The

earning the following that has brought together breweries and the beer enthusiasts year after year.

This year’s festival

brought over 60 brewer- ies and cider- ies along with food gracious- ly donated by community minded busi- nesses like Oliver’s, BJ’s, Trader Joes, and Brew. Ev-

eryone who participated helped

Good One”. They have grown through the years and the rise of the craft beer revolution,

Beer festivals are like an adult amusement park. Cross- ing generations and genders, all appre- ciating the libations and sen- sory expe- rience


puckering sours, hop bombs

and bar- rel


fermented creations. This is

the one

stop shop you explore and ex- perience all that can be done with malts, fruits, and yeast. Not sure what style of beer you like best? Ask the brewer and taste the dif- ference!

There were just to many to

try but

so many fa- miliar brew pubs. There are many new brewer- ies Paul & I look forward to visiting. One visit- ing brewery

from Lake Port had great beers but best of all has a great name; O’Meara Brothers. No relation to me, but I’m sure there some beer brew connection in there somewhere.

They have great

beers and should be well worth the trip to Lake County. This year’s people’s choice for brewery went to one of our favorites, Grav South. It is a relatively new Brew pub locat- ed in Cotati and well worth the venture and always something new to taste. For Ciders, there was a tie; Fox Craft Hard Cider and Hemly Cider.

All partici-

pating breweries and cideries were winners to us. The many

Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of happiness. ~ George Santayana UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • July 2018 • 23

attending and participating shows a great community sup- port for a great organization, Face to Face.

Every year mark your calen- dar and save that Saturday in June for the Beer-

fest, The Good One. There are still summer months ahead

and more

great beer festivals to look for- ward to. FYou can find many of the festivals in the upcom- ing Entertainment Feature section Uptown Entertainment. Cheers till next time!

~ The Beer Boys~

A. There are none—it’s a one-story house! ~

I get plenty of exercise – jumping to conclusions, pushing my luck, and dodging deadlines.

JOKES & Humor # 6

Q. A magician promises that he can throw a ball as hard as he can and have it stop, change direction, and come back to him. He claims he can do it without the ball bouncing off of anything, the ball being tied to anything, or the use of magnets. How is this possible?

A. He throws the ball straight up in the air! ~

Q. There’s a one-story house where everything inside is pink: pink walls, pink doors, pink floors, pink ceilings, pink windows, pink curtains, pink chairs, and pink tables. What color are the stairs?

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