12 • July 2018 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC.

UPTOWN ENTERTAINMENT ~ SONOMA COUNTY & BEYOND July 1 to August 5 ‘Live at Juilliard’ Concert Series to Feature Bay Area Original Artists

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Cel- ebrating a quarter-century of live music in the park, Santa Rosa’s popular ‘Live at Juilliard’ concert series presents its 2018 lineup of original, danceable music from six of the Bay Area’s finest bands. From folk to funk, reggae to bluegrass, and world beat to outlaw country, ‘Live at Juilliard’ offers free, family-friendly concerts each Sunday from 5-7pm, July 1 to Au- gust 5 in historic Juilliard Park. In addition to out- standing free music, fami- lies enjoy picnicking on the grass and food and beverages available for purchase. “Live at Juilliard is a beloved Santa Rosa tradition and is especially

notable this summer as we celebrate our 25th anniver- sary!” says Tara Thomp- son, Arts Coordinator for Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks. “Many Santa Rosans have grown up with these weekly, summer concerts in the park, first attending as children and now bringing their children and grandchildren to enjoy time together with family and friends,” she adds. Location: Juilliard Park, 227 Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa. Information: liard. or contact the mar- keting coordinator Kristi Buffo,

(707) 543-3276

or Tell them Paul from Upbeat Times sent you!

Windsor Performing Arts

Academy Presents:

With permission from Musical Theater

International in New York...

$10 at the door.

Kids 6 and under FREE

More Info: 707-838-3341

12 • July 2018 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC.

Friday July 27, 7pm Saturday July 27, 2pm and 7pm

Upbeat Times Begins New Chapter! Uptown Entertainment!

Santa Rosa Ca, ~ Dale Carn- egie was quoted as saying, “Find a Need and Fill it!”.


here you are! The new Upbeat Uptown Entertainment publi- cation came about because of the need to showcase all the awesome talent of musicians, artists, events, night clubs, celebrations, concerts and ongoing entertainment venues

Sonoma County and


throughout Northern


know the infor- mation is available online...but how do you find it unless you’re told about it or shown a physical picture and given a detailed explanation like our newspa- per does? And, unlike radio and promotions, you cant see who it is. You can hear what’s

happening on radio, but you cant see, and most of the time you turn the station to another station for music to avoid the commercials. Television can get you this information and is ok, but

you’d have to see it 50 times just to have it sink

in it’s so rushed.(no offence to Radio & TV please!) The Beau- ty of Upbeat Times is people go out of the way to pick it up!! Another great aspect of this

NEW ‘Uptown Entertainment‘ section is the fact that it is in print,

online and interactive.

At Upbeat Times we don’t clut- ter our website with ads. You get the paper as it is in tangible print as well as online. You can

‘Click’ right on the interactive paper and get right to the art- ist or venue immediately with all

the detailed

With-in 60 days of the Uptown Entertainment

information! section

being published you can hear and ‘see’ various videos of the artists

and venues and learn about why they are upbeat and so fun to go to. With the assistance of our close team member Shek- eyna Black(she writes Musi- cal Notes In Sonoma County) we’ll attempt to inform you of ‘Whats Up’(A phrase I coined back in 1997 with the print- ing of the first Upbeat Times) when it comes to all the events in Sonoma County!

If you

want to submit your event go to page 22.

Weird Facts & Trivia - 3 Ave,

There are approximately 850 million visits each year to American museums, more than the attendance for all major league sporting events and theme parks combined (483 mil- lion in 2011). By 2006, museums already received an additional 524 million online visits a year just from adults, a number that continues to grow.

Many museums offer programs tailored to veterans and military families. In 2016, more than 2,000 museums participated in the Blue Star Museums initia- tive, offering free admission to all active-duty and reserve personnel and their families. This effort served over 923,000 people, while many other muse- ums offer military discounts or free admission throughout the year. Some museums invite vet- erans to tell first-hand accounts of events in our nation’s history or help veterans dealing with post-war stress.

You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together. ~ Anthony Bourdain

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