Pet-A-Llama Comedy Festival! Presented by Blonde Medicine

Petaluma, CA. ~ Comedy Pro- duction company Blonde Medi- cine, is excited to announce the innaugural Pet-A-Llama Com- edy Festival in Petaluma, CA, August 16-18, 2018. Petaluma is located 38 miles north of San Francisco which is one of the best comedy cities in the world. The wine-country town boasts no comedy clubs and hosts no regular live comedy shows. It does, however, have some gor- geous, historic live venues, a fun downtown area and a popu- lation of more than 60,000 peo- ple. The comedy festival will be anchored by two venues within short walking diestance to one another: The Mystic Theatre and The Big Easy. Thursday, August 16 through Saturday, August 18, 2018. Shows at The Mystic Theatre, 23 Petaluma Blvd., Petaluma, CA 94952, and The Big Easy, 128 Ameri- can Alley, Petaluma, CA 94952. Tickets for many of the Pet- A-Llama shows are available now and there will be more announced as we approach the festival. For tickets, visit www. Send all re- quests and inquiries to Kathryn Musilek of Shark Party Media at:

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Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Not to many people know the full story of the famous Sonoma County Horse that made it to the Kentucky Derby. This fa- mous race horse was born & raised in Sonoma County and is still alive today! Our Long time friend Cam

Parry, a well known writer, ra- dio host personality and hon-

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • July 2018 • 19

Major Exclusive Story, “A Salute to Horse Racing” Featured in the August 2018 Upbeat Times!

orary member of the Sonoma County Fair Board shares an exclusive 3000 word histor- ic story on Cavonnier’s rise to greatness and the amaz- ing people who raised him in Sebastopol! A Salute to Horse Racing will

also include times and

dates of the Sonoma County Fair horse racing schedule!

Opening Fall 2018 in Windsor, CA!

August 18th & 19th Accordian Festival!

Cotati, CA. ~ The 28th An- nual Nonprofit, Multi-cultural Cotati Accordion Festival, the “Woodstock of the Accordion World”, will be taking place this coming August 18th & 19th in La Plaza Park in downtown Co- tati, Ca.

Internation- ally acclaimed virtuosos from Italy,


and Ger- many, joined by an ongo- ing two day dance party featuring five

zydeco bands, will all be at the famed multi-generational event. Don’t miss the Jam Tent, the Polka Tent, the Stu- dent Stage, the alternative Accordion Apocalypse Stage, the Zydeco Dance Party, the two main stages, the Red-

In the meantime, please visit our Downtown Santa Rosa brewpub!

facebook @russianriverbrewing Instagram @russianriverbrewingoffi cial 725 4th St. ~ Santa

Rosa • 707-545-2337 great giſt ideas!

Check out our online giſt shop for

wood Cafe Friday show, and over 70 vendors, food, wine and beer. Tickets are available on line at www. cotatifest. com; at all Oliver’s Markets; The Last Record Store,: People’s Music; and Tall Toad Music at $17.00 in advance, $27.00 for both days, and $19.00 at the gate.

For more information call Scott Goree at (707)479- 5481, CAF at (707)664-0444, 1-888-559-2576, email at, or write to C.A.F., P.O. Box 809, Co- tati, Ca., 94931.

Through September 15th, 2018 “I Do”, an Exhibition!

Petaluma, CA. ~ “I Do”, is an exhibition of over forty vin- tage wedding gowns and ac- coutrements from Petaluma families. These fine, hand- made gowns represent the best of the belle epoque and early 20th century fashion. More than forty vintage wed- ding gowns are included in this exhibit of exquisite and lovingly restored textiles. All of the dresses in this exhibit were worn by women who made Petaluma their home, although not all of their wed- dings occurred in Petaluma. The dates of the dresses range from the 1870’s through the 1960’s, some of which are

in such delicate condition that they are unable to be placed on mannequins, so they are spread out in cases or on fur- niture around the museum. Because of the delicate na- ture of the fabric, the slender dimensions of some of the dresses, and the fact that tex- tiles tend to shrink over time, almost every mannequin was custom-made by museum volunteers with Ethafoam and PVC tubing. The Petaluma Historical Library & Museum’s Textile Collection has been overseen for forty years by dedicated volunteer Teresa Froschl, to whom this exhibit is dedicated.

Petaluma Historical Library & Museum ~ ~ 707-778-4398

“Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.” ~ President George Washington UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • July 2018 • 19

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