How You Can Get Involved

In 2016, we graduated 20 students from Top ECD and 15 from Standard One. At the beginning of 2017, we began our Standard Two class with 15 students.

Adults in Manyatta have only two options for education. One is a Muslim school that indoctrinates each child in the Koran and Islamic culture. Option two is Triumphant Grace Academy where, as they receive both scholastic and Biblical teaching, they each experience the love of Christ.

At TGA our goal is to intentionally love children who would be lost in a vicious cycle of poverty without education. This learning opportunity is provided by teachers who count it a privilege to impact young lives for Christ.

1. Administrative & teacher building (required by government) $15,500 total 2. 3 Classrooms $6,000 each 3. Toilet Facility $2,100 4. 20 desks $32 each 5. 30 chairs $10 each

Our school has been housed in a building that will be sold in the near future by the owner. Thankfully God has already provided the land for a new school. All we need is to build structures that will provide us with the room to continue to add higher grade levels and provide nutritious meals to children who otherwise might not eat.

I humbly request you ask God what He would have you do for these children. Please remember, if we do not act, we will lose them to the area’s Muslim school.

There are precious young minds and eternal souls at stake. May the Lord enable us to serve these children. As a bonus, the local community will change as people witness first-hand Christian love and compassion in action at TGA.

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