The life of Jesus Christ is the greatest story ever told about the greatest man who ever lived. He came from a very humble background. He had no formal education, no family of any significance, and no position of importance.

For three and a half years, He became an itinerant moral teacher followed by twelve men who were equally unlearned and unlettered. If one is going to

start a world revolution, this is not a promising biography…and yet that is what He did. He turned the world upside down and became the watershed figure of all history.

This series seeks to look at the Man of Sorrows and understand where He came from, what He taught, and where He is taking us.

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Many experts believe it is one of the most

important documents that you can put in place for your loved ones.

Did you know that many supporters of World Missionary Evangelism’s outreach choose to use this legal document to set up a final memorial gift to WME? Tis may be something you are interested in

doing as well.

For those who are thinking about putting a will or trust in place and who are considering what issues or questions to raise with a legal and/or tax professional, one tool that can help you start this process is our brochure GIVING THROUGH YOUR WILL. It is yours free and without obligation.

Simply send your written request for Giving Trough Your Will to: WME, Inc.

P.O. Box 660800 Dallas, Texas 75266

You can also send your request by e-mail to

Because the legal and tax requirements for setting up a will or trust vary widely from state to state and from country to country, you will need to contact a legal and/or tax professional within your area — someone with the expertise and knowledge to help you.

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