trucks arrived at “El Puente” and deposited loads of refuse. Even from a distance I could see the remnants of food, toys and clothing. Yet when I moved closer, I discovered this wasn’t even the “good” garbage. Before delivering it to the dump, city workers sifted through the trash to pick out anything of value. Only worthless leftovers were taken here. Yet among the huge piles of smelly trash, there were people in dirty, ragged clothes ingnoring the smells, sights, and the circling birds just to uncover anything that might provide a few pennys for their families.

In the middle of this sad scene, a pastor and his team were ministering. Trash hunters respectfully listened as the pastor spoke a short Biblical message and reverently bowed their heads when he prayed. They also gratefully accepted a meal. Even as the people once more began digging through the trash, the pastor stayed and visited. He was their friend, and I could tell how much his respect meant to them. As he gave them value, he taught me a lesson I will never forget.

For decades, WME has provided children in the city of Masaya with a free education. Some of these children bring their families to the WME church. The area surrounding our school and church is filled with single mothers, struggling fathers, and people needing medical care. These people are valuable to God and should be valuable to us.

Please remember the needs of the poor by giving to WME’s Food For Hunger program or to a specific need highlighted on the right. Even a small amount makes a difference to these grateful souls. Please value them as the Lord does!

How You Can Get Involved

1. Meals & ministry at “The Dump” $50 2. Vocational Training/Computer Training $50 3. Cosmetology tools $75 4. Mechanic’s Tools $100 5.Sewing Machine $250 6. Clothing for WME church members $30 7. Medical Care for the poor $25

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