How You Can Get Involved

1. Perishable & canned food items $50 2. Medicine & medical care $25 3. Clothing $30 4. Toiletries $40 5. Day-to-day expenses for shelter Gift in any amount

While their backgrounds differ, every story is heartbreaking. Some come alone, while others arrive with their children. Single women live together under supervision in a large home setting. Women with children are placed nearby in a 16-unit apartment building. Both facilities are secure refuges for those seeking to start over.

All the women and children in this Christian program are provided food, clothing, shelter and other necessities for 12 to 16 months — the time necessary to heal and address the issues of body, soul, mind and spirit. Treatment includes Bible studies, prayer time, individual professional counseling, mentoring, group counseling, financial classes, parenting classes, computer training, legal consultations (as needed), dental and medical treatments, job preparedness classes and, of course, large doses of genuine love.

For each woman the goals are the same: Restoration and Empowerment. For women who bring children, there is an additional goal of putting their families back together in a supportive, godly environment. Each woman is prepared to live a healthy, productive life. Upon graduating, the program finds each woman an apartment and helps to furnish it. From arrival to graduation there is no charge.

As you can imagine, this kind of comprehensive rehabilitation is not possible without the gifts and prayers of people just like you. So we implore you to consider the urgent needs of this special program. This is your opportunity to be part of a ministry that testifies daily of how God works miracles to wondrously restore the broken, ashamed and abused.

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