“And when He was come near, He beheld the city, and wept over it, saying, ‘If thou hadst known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! But now they are hid from thine eyes.’ ”

– Luke 19:41-42

The Jews in the day of Jesus did not know what time it was in their lives and in their history. They thought killing Jesus would eliminate a dangerous man who might destabilize their nation and bring about their destruction by Rome. They were wrong, and it has cost them two thousand years of problems and persecutions. They did not know the things that pertained to their own peace. However, before we feel superior and get judgmental about the Jews of two thousand years ago, let me ask this: Do we as Christians in America and Canada know the things that belong to our peace? Right now, let’s just talk about one thing — India!

There are more than one billion people in India, and today the country is dramatically different than what it was a century back or even what it was as recently as 2008. India is one of the fastest developing and most significant nations in the world. Today in India there is a battle pitting Hindus, Muslims, Christians and atheists for this nation’s soul. A non or anti-Christian India is a threat to world peace and to the spread of the Gospel. So what are you doing about it? You may say, “What can I do about it” or “I can’t do anything about that!” On the contrary, you can do a lot about it.

World Missionary Evangelism has partnered with Dr. Randy Weiss and CrossTalk International to translate the Visual Gospel into more than seven Indian languages. People will see dramatized video presented in their native tongues that explains “Who is Jesus?” and “The Gospel of John”. The work of translating and back-checking is under way. The infrastructure is in place to distribute the message through many churches and associated ministries. So we’ll be taking advantage of modern technology to put the Good News and associated teaching materials into the hands of ministers and Christians on the ground in India. We have the potential to reach half a billion souls for Christ! The cost of the project is about $190,000. The Lord impressed me to mark out a financial sacrifice from personal funds set aside for retirement or emergencies and to put that money into this project.

There is no question this project will be completed, so the question becomes, “Will you have a part in it?” It doesn’t matter how big or little your own part is, what matters is that you have a part. Don’t miss the opportunity to be able to say to the Lord – “I knew the things that belonged to the peace of the world that comes through Christ and Christ alone, and I stood with the Lord and His glorious Gospel.”

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