IEA predicts global role for bioenergy The International Energy Agency (IEA) has used one of its modelling scenarios to predict that bioenergy will provide nearly 17% of final global energy demand in 2060, compared with 4.5% in 2015. Entitled ‘Delivering

Sustainable Bioenergy’, the IEA’s latest Technology Roadmap provides the technology milestones and policy actions that it considers necessary to unlock the potential of bioenergy in line with the aim of establishing a long-term low- carbon and sustainable global energy mix.

John Deere rolls

out new website A global roll-out of John Deere’s new website (www. has now been completed. The site design is mobile-responsive and works on a variety of screen sizes from smart phones and tablets to traditional desktop computers. Sean O’Hanlon, Director, Global Internet Strategy at Deere & Company, said the improved website contains: concise product information and easy-to-use navigation; more useful tools for those who shop for and own Deere products and services; a product-centric focus on helping users accomplish key activities such as identifying the right machine for their use or locating a dealer; and easy spec- to-spec comparisons across John Deere and competitive models. The global launch included 33 John Deere sites in 16 languages and approximately 2,300 product pages.

Interim President

and CEO for Metso On 22 January, it was announced by Metso

Corporation’s Board of Directors that CFO Eeva Sipilä had been appointed as Metso’s interim President and CEO as of 3 February, 2018.

She replaces Nico Delvaux, who left his duties on 2 February.

4 Spring 2018 4

Ponsse opens new facility in Scotland


new facility has been opened by Ponsse UK Ltd, a subsidiary of Ponsse Plc, in Annan,

Scotland. “The new premises are specifically designed for servicing forestry equipment and will enable a good customer service and growth in the future as well,” said Gary Glendinning, whose position as Managing Director of Ponsse UK has now been taken up by Dean Robson, who has moved up from his post at Machine Sales. Gary himself has been promoted to Area Director, responsible for the markets in Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. He will also continue to act as Managing

Director for Ponsse Ireland. In the new premises, four machines can be serviced at the same time. In addition to spare part sales and warehousing, there are training facilities for customers,

drivers and staff. The company’s machine fleet has been growing in recent years, making new facilities necessary and at the same time, work safety and working comfort have also continued to develop.

Dean Robson (left) and Gary Glendinning.

Second biorefinery possible for UPM

On 5 February, UPM announced that it is studying biofuels development opportunities by starting an environmental impact assessment (EIA) for a new biorefinery in Mussalo, Kotka, in South-East Finland. The study of a possible Kotka Biorefinery is in the very early stages and the EIA process normally takes approximately one year. EU and national policies on biofuels will also play an important role in the final assessment.

The EIA study states that the proposed second UPM biorefinery would employ a different raw material base and technology than that used in the current UPM Lappeenranta Biorefinery. The new biorefinery would produce approximately 500,000 tonnes of advanced biofuels for transportation, made from several renewable and sustainable feedstocks.

Petri Kukkonen, Vice- President of UPM Biofuels

Development, confirmed: “We are looking into the use of several new feedstocks that fulfil sustainability criteria, such as wood residues and other sustainable wastes and residues. In addition to this, in Uruguay we are testing a Winter cropping concept with Brassica carinata for biofuels’ raw material. Oil from turnip rape-related carinata would be one of the possible raw materials for the Kotka Biorefinery”.

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