High-specification pellet tankers

A large fleet of high- specification, dedicated wood pellet delivery vehicles is operated by Forever Fuels Ltd in the United Kingdom. The company made the decision to invest in tankers rather than tippers to move the wood pellets as they encounter no moving parts on a tanker, whereas they are fed by a rotary valve and a pair of augers on a tipper. Another important factor was that tankers require less overhead clearance when making deliveries to customers. The company’s fleet includes six-wheel and a few four- wheel trucks to give a better chance of accessing awkward sites and most of the six- wheelers are equipped with rear-steer or a lifting rear-axle for additional manoeuvrability. All the tankers are equipped with suction systems for dust extraction and, more importantly, pressure equalisation in fuel stores. In

order to take advantage of this facility, the customer’s store must have an outlet with a Storz 110A flange and a power socket to plug in the extractor. All Forever Fuels’ pressurised tankers are equipped with ‘Legal for Trade’ weigh- loaders, so buyers can be confident that they have been charged for exactly what they received (to an accuracy of 20 kg) when billed according to the measurements on the weigh-loaders. Because of potential inaccuracies and over-charging, it is against British Trading Standards regulations to bill customers according to the readings from weigh-loaders that are not designated ‘Legal for Trade’. Forever Fuels drivers are specialists, trained how to use these vehicles to give the best results by managing the speed and pressure of delivery and minimising the dust level. More information from

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Four-wheeler ‘Baby’ tanker operated by Forever Fuels.

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