PulPaper 2018: wood is the raw material of the future


he best forest industry experts from around the world will gather in Finland at the end of May. The futuristic theme of the event is ‘Visit tomorrow today’. With the help of new innovations and technologies, the forest industry is developing in a digitizing world with respect for the environment. What is the future of wood as a raw material? PulPaper 2018 will be held at the Helsinki Expo and

Convention Centre 29-31 May. There is a strong environmental perspective in the PulPaper Confer- ence seminar programme May 30- 31. The PulPaper Conference consists of joint key note speeches and sev- eral alternative parallel programmes from which one may compose the most interesting thematic whole for oneself. The conference programme includes circular economy, use of biomass, and climate change, as well as the development of bio-refineries.

Environmental standards are often seen as a burden on the industrial sector. In PulPaper’s seminar sections, the topic is approached through opportunities. Environmental friendliness and new innovations can be a competitive advantage for companies. The forest industry is experi- encing a transition period as the environmental impact of the sector is known better than before. PulPa- per deals with the use of biomass

Wednesday, 30 May

Opening session – Hall 103A/B 09.30-09.35

09.35-10.10 10.10-10.45 10.45-12.00



Remarks by Riikka Joukio, Vice-Chairman of the Board, Forest Products Engineers

Keynote: Be ready for new opportunities – nanotechnology will revolutionise industry and society

Keynote: Äänekoski bioproduct mill and moving towards integrated biorefineries

Start-up pitching competition

Business opportunities from circular economy – Hall 103A 13.30-13.55 13.55-14.20 14.20-14.40

Finland’s roadmap on circular economy Data – the new oil, water – the new gold!

Business case: predictive analytics for pulp and paper industry wastewatertreatment

14.40-15.00 15.00-15.30

Business case: closing nutrient and carbon loops – utilising industrial side streams as fertilisers and soil improvement materials in agriculture

Coffee break and networking

Breakthrough technologies to renew the industry – Hall 103B 13.30-13.55 13.55-14.20 14.20-14.40

New developments in Sweden – Treesearch Can a magic powder revolutionise pulp blending?

Pulping with eutectic solvents – huge progress and still a lot to do

14.40-15.00 15.00-15.30

Business case: renewable biofuels as fast track in reducing transport emissions

Coffee break and networking

Managing forest biomass usage and climate change – Hall 103A 15.30-15.55


16.20-16.40 16.40-17.00

Biomass availability and climate change politics in Nordics

Ways to increase biomass availability in Finland

Utility company as a producer of bio-oil and user of biomass-based fuels

Developing new biorefinery concepts – Hall 103B 15.30-15.55

18 Spring 2018 18 Toward further refining of the biorefinery concept

The regulatory frame for the use of forest resources in Europe – status quo and outlook

09.55-10.15 10.15-10.40 10.40-11.00

11.00-11.30 16.40-17.00

in relation to climate change, related environmental regulations, and the use of wood as a replace- ment for fossil based materials. Renewable wood raw material based solutions are featured in the thematic programme where how different wood based processed products can replace products from fossil materials, such as plastic, are presented.

More information from

Business case: the Borregaard biorefinery – past, present, future

Business case: novel biorefining concept for North-East Finland

Business case: sustainable and cost-efficient bioethanol production from softwood biomass

Thursday, 31 May

Towards new fibre products: nanocellulose and textiles – Hall 103A 09.30-09.55 09.55-10.15

Nanocellulose in barrier coatings

Phosphorylated ceullulose nanofibre: preparation and its applications


10.40-11.00 11.00-11.30


High quality man-made cellulose fibres from textile and paper wastes

Stora Enso’s view on sustainable textile business Coffee break and networking

Transformation driven by digitalisation and changing customer habits – Hall 103B

How will digitalisation and new technology affect business models, production and services?

Impact of digitalisation for the forest industry Customer view on changing landscape in media Customer view on changing landscape in packaging

Coffee break and networking

Renewable solutions to replace fossil-based materials – Hall 103A 11.30-11.55 11.55-12.15 12.15-12.35

Material innovations from cellulose Update on bioplastics development

Sulapac® - a wood-based sustainable solution to replace plastic


How lignin extraction and dissolving pulping are changing – look into both the technology and market needs

Industrial applications of digitalisation – Hall 103B 11.30-11.55 11.55-12.15

12.15-12.35 12.35-13.00

Digital fibre – developing digital forest industry

Pulp and paper industry – leader or lagger in grasping data-driven opportunities

Intelligence in maintenance operations

Yesterday – today – Metris, digitalisation as a success factor in P&P

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