Stronger crane for Rottne fowarders

Moisture meter for solids

The LB567 moisture meter manufactured by Berthold Technologies is designed for the in-line measurement of the moisture content in solid materials. Ideal for use on a rubber conveyor belt, the LB567 is easily mounted and, once calibrated against known samples, will provide reliable measurements on a repeatable basis. These moisture meters are equally at home mounted on chutes or silos and have been successfully used around the world.


he RK 105 crane is described by Rottne as a genuine innovation with significant differences

compared to its predecessor, the RK 85, for its F10D and F11D forwarders. Behind the idea of the new knuckle boom crane for Rottne’s forwarders, which was developed because of a desire for a stronger crane, lies an innovative and well-thought- out strategy that has resulted in a completely new product with a lifting force improved by a full 20%.

The three main parts that have been redesigned compared with the crane it replaces are the mast, the lift cylinder and

lifting arm, so it is effectively a brand new crane with increased strength.

The RK 105 crane is reinforced in order to give greater lifting force and development work at the factory has resulted in it having a lifting torque of 105 kNm (kilonewton metre). This is compared to approximately 87 kNm on the earlier model. The lifting angle has also been increased by about five degrees. The RK 105 will be mounted as the standard crane on all F10D and F11D models delivered to customers from Rottne’s factory during 2018 and beyond. More information from

Using low energy microwaves, the Berthold meter ensures that a greater proportion of the product is measured. This is because it penetrates the loaded belt to give a representative measurement unlike other moisture measuring devices, such as those using near infrared systems that only measure the surface of a product. Solids that the LB567 has been used to measure include woodchips and other forms of biomass.

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Diagram shows arrangement for measuring woodchips.

Harvester with IBC

A recent offer from John Deere is Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) on its 1270 G-series harvester in North America. A first in the harvester category, IBC provides operators with increased accu- racy and productivity. It is available exclusively for the CH7 boom with ten metre (32.8 ft) and 11.7 metre (38.4 ft) reaches on the 1270G models. With IBC, the operator controls only the harvester head while the system takes care of the boom. Designed specifically to suit the harvester work cycle, the boom’s movement and operation automatically adjust as the boom is taken to a tree and when the tree is in the grapple. The 1270G harvester still retains the features from its original launch, including excel-

lent fuel economy in both the six and eight-wheel models. The six-wheeler is powered by a 200 kW (268 hp) Final Tier 4 engine and provides increased torque compared to previous models. The eight-wheeler is already known for its harvesting abilities on steep slopes and soft terrain, but operators can now utilise the intuitive IBC to further control movement in difficult conditions, which will also reduce the learn- ing curve for new employees. The cabin of the G-series machine is designed to maximise operator comfort by adjusting automatically to boom move- ments while the automatic leveling functions absorb terrain changes.

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