INDUSTRY NEWS UPM and ZERO form green team A

team has been formed by UPM Biofuels and the Zero Emission Resource Organisation

(ZERO) to co-operate in promoting a green shift in the transport and petrochemicals sectors. The work focuses on creating a predictable long-term operating environment for sustainable, advanced biofuels to enable climate change mitigation in transport with renewable fuels.

The team also aims to enhance knowledge of sustainable fossil-free bioproducts, such as bioplastics, in the packaging and labelling industries. The work is conducted through continuous dialogue with policy officials and decision-makers to promote the transition towards a wider

BioVerno renewable diesel and naphtha are great examples of drop-in fuels replacing fossil fuels and significantly reducing both greenhouse gas and tailpipe emissions.

“UPM’s wood-based naphtha also works well as a feedstock for bioplastics and other biomaterials production.”

UPM’s Markku Purmonen (left), Sari Mannonen and Maiju Helin, together with ZERO’s Kåre Gunnar Fløystad, Anders Tangen, Anne Marit Melbye and Kristin Brenna.


Maiju Helin, Head of Sustainability and Market Development at UPM Biofuels, said: “The co-operation with ZERO is a great opportunity

to jointly promote sustainable low-emission solutions for the transport and petrochemical sectors, and support the transition towards both circular and bioeconomy. Wood-based UPM

Kåre Gunnar Fløystad explained that ZERO is a Norwegian environmental organisation that focuses on greenhouse gas reduction through promotion of new technologies, enabling emission-free energy solutions without harming the environment. He agreed, “ZERO and UPM Biofuels share the same vision and therefore we see great value in this co-operation”.

New demo facility for biofuel in Norway

expert knowledge in forests and industrial processes to extract high-quality products from forest raw material, while Statkraft is specialised in energy. This is a strong combination”.

A decision has been made by Södra, which represents 51,000 forest-owners in Southern Swe- den, and Statkraft to invest in a new demo facility for fossil-free fuel located in Tofte, Norway. It will have a capacity of about 4,000 litres per day.

The raw material will consist of residual products from the forest

2 Spring 2018 2

industry and the demo facility is expected to be in operation by Spring, 2019.

The investment will be made through the joint company Silva Green Fuel AS in partnership with technology provider Steeper Energy Aps and Norwegian fi- nancing partner Enova. The total investment will be approximately

SEK 500 million.

According to Catrin Gustavs- son, Head of Innovation and New Business at Södra: “This is a milestone decision. The forest offers enormous potential when it comes to finding new and sus- tainable solutions for products that were previously confined to fossil raw material. Södra has

The demo facility will be used to develop both the process and the technology for produc- ing the new biofuel. In the next stage, the plan is to establish a full-scale plant, with biofuel production for various types of transport, including road and air. “With a commercial facility in place in the future, we can enable large volumes of biofuel. At the same time, any future decisions regarding the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive – on how energy from renewable sources should be promoted – must support these types of investment in biofuel production. Södra is following several paths for the development of biofuel, in particular, and this represents another step forward towards a fossil-free future,” added Chris- ten Grønvold-Hansen, Project Director for the demo facility at Södra.

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