INDUSTRY NEWS N UK suppliers invest in new vehicles

ational UK wood pellet supplier Y Pellets has made a significant investment in specially-

equipped delivery vehicles. At a time when many suppliers sub-contract deliveries on vehicles, which don’t meet EN Plus trading standards, Goole-based Y Pellets has bought new six and eight- wheel delivery trucks featuring state-of-the-art electronic weighing systems and on-board technology that instantly transmits data from each delivery to the company’s head office then on to the customer.

The company expects to deliver thousands of tonnes of sustainably-sourced, EN Plus A1 wood pellets to private homeowners and businesses, including local authorities, hotel venues, care homes, manufacturers and schools, especially across Yorkshire, the Midlands, the North-East and North-West of England. This investment will also see Y Pellets further extend its distribution capability to Southern areas of England and North of the border into Scotland, and strengthen its position as a rapidly- emerging, key player within the UK’s biomass fuel market. Neil Holland, Managing Director

of Y Pellets, explained: “In terms of the industry, we are establishing a leading wood pellets company that is in a very good position to expand its operations and become one of the best within the sector.

Quality difference “Our delivery lorries are 100% our own, not sub-contracted, and this makes a huge difference to the quality of the pellets and customer service received by the end consumer. By making continuous investment, we can ensure the highest fuel quality possible and clients can reap the benefits in real terms meaning fuel cost

In-house fleet

A new blower trailer, two Scania ‘NextGen S450’ cabs and two more drivers have joined the in-house fleet of vehicles operated by UK-based Hadfield Wood Recyclers.

The company has also invested heavily in an extensive overhaul of its existing trailers by installing new walking floors and engines, and upgrading the paintwork. Matthew Howarth, Logistics and Chip Sales Manager at Hadfield Wood Recyclers, stated that it was a very exciting time for the company. He added, “We now handle all of our poultry deliveries in-house, as well as some biomass

8 Spring 2018 8

deliveries, so these additions to our fleet and staff are a great step forward”.

The new unit brings the company’s total number of blower trailers up to seven. The trailers work predominantly on poultry bedding deliveries, blowing Hadfield’s award-winning, biosecure Easichick Bedding directly into poultry houses. The company also has six general walking floor trailers, which work mainly on biomass contracts, but can also pick up bulk loads of waste wood. More information from

Neil Holland, Managing Director of Y Pellets, pictured with the company’s specially-equipped, wood pellet delivery vehicles.

savings of thousands of pounds. “Our experience has shown that whilst few in the industry have invested in the correct machinery and vehicles, the vast majority have not and therefore many sub-contract deliveries to third parties as a means of cutting costs. Procurement professionals in, for example, local authorities that specify pellets as an energy resource for schools, hospitals and care homes know they have a financial responsibility to ensure public money is spent correctly, but unless all vehicles are legal for trade, there may be discrepancies in the amount ordered compared

to the amount being delivered. “This inconsistency could be anything from 2-10%, which could potentially mean thousands in financial terms when examining procurement and expenditure. You wouldn’t go to a supermarket and pay for ten apples, but be happy to come away with nine and it’s no different here. Investment in our own vehicles and the systems we have incorporated can eliminate any such shortfall and therefore have a direct impact on a client’s bottom line.”

More information from

Line-up of Hadfield’s new in-house vehicles.

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