mix. In addition, the automation system reacts immediately to the changing combustion circumstances. For instance, coal does not have much moisture, whereas the moisture content of bark can be up to 60-65%. With Valmet DNA, this is not a problem,” stated Sami Lassila. He explained: “The live steam parameters are high compared with the normal parameters of biofuel boilers. The pressure of the boiler is 165 bar and the temperature of the steam is 545 °C. This leads to a very good efficiency for the plant”.

The emissions, including sulphur oxides (SOx), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2), are followed continuously with the help of Valmet DNA. For example, lime or ammonia will be added to keep the NOx values within specific limits. Alholmens Kraft is able to keep the emission values low because of the optimal combustion conditions.

Single supplier benefits In 2002, when the big AK2 boiler was started, Sami Lassila worked as a Shift Manager. To his mind,

The AK2 biomass boiler makes it possible to burn several raw materials in a mix.

the time spent with skillful project people, who worked successfully as a team is still impressive. “We made tests on how quickly it was possible to change the operation of the boiler and we reached a record time of 10 MW in a

minute,” said Sami Lassila proudly. When asked about the benefits of having the boiler and automation from the same supplier, he replied: “There are several benefits. All the parties know each other and it is easy to

find the right person responsible for each technical detail. The planning time for the plant is shorter because you don’t have to go through all the features with the boiler supplier and then again with a separate automation supplier. The information is transferred quickly and easily. Therefore, even the start-up can be finalised sooner”.

Björn Åkerlund, Managing Director, joined the company later. He confirmed, “Valmet is certainly one of the core suppliers of technology and automation in the field. I can understand that information is transferred faster between all parties when the entire delivery comes from the same company.”

In the control room, four operators run the process, yet Sami Lassila can easily follow the process.

12 Spring 2018 12

Björn Åkerlund, Managing Director for Alholmens Kraft, understands that information is transferred faster between all parties when both the boiler and automation come from the same company.

Valmet’s multi-fuel boiler and automation together create a unique solution to enhance the customer’s process in a sustainable way. To make everything work smoothly, people are the key. Alholmens Kraft has professionals to run the process and Valmet’s experts are on hand to support them.

More information from

*Marketing Manager, Power, Process and Marine Automation at Valmet Automation.

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