best. I did my research on the differ- ent facilities, and then I chose World Health.” Its North Hill location was close to both her work and school, and it offered excellent equipment, classes and support. Clark took advantage of the club’s

group exercise and cycling classes as well as a complimentary personal fitness consultation with a personal trainer. In fact, she found the person- al training session so worthwhile that she purchased three months of train- ing after that first session.

What do fitness and recreation facilities provide? Participants can choose the facility and type of physical activity that suits them best from a growing list of recre- ation and fitness facilities. From walk- ing to yoga, swimming to strength training, the RxTGA program knows that everyone has different interests. Clark thanks RxTGA and World

Health for getting her started on a healthy and active lifestyle for which she is truly thankful. FBC

Laura Bridgman is a lifestyle writer and editor in Calgary. Find her online at @laurabridgman

1. When did the program start? 2011 2. What facilities are eligible for the program? All health-oriented organizations are eligible, including community recreation centres, private fitness clubs and yoga studios. 3. Which facilities are currently taking part? How can my facility participate? Visit for a list of participating facilities and an online application. 4. What kind of participants are eligible for the program? The target population is children, youth, adults and older adults who need to be more active, have no medical restrictions and who can exercise without specific supervision. 5. What do the facilities offer to participants? Participants are offered a six-week getting started activity guide from the RxTGA website. This includes activity programs for improving aerobic capacity, strength or flexibility. Participants then redeem their prescription at a participating facility of their choice where they receive complimentary access. Each participating facility will have a different offer. For example, the City of

Calgary offers a 10-visit pass to their facilities; All About You Fitness & Yoga in Olds, Alberta, offers a five-class pass; and World Health clubs provide a one-month membership, including a facility orientation and Cardio Resistance Training sessions with a personal trainer. Aſter the one month, World Health waives the membership registration fee for RxTGA members.

6. What are the benefits to participation for my facility? • Promotion of your corporate image through the RxTGA website and materials • Increase in member awareness and public visibility • Potential expansion of member client base • Opportunity to build new community networks, which could include community organizations, other fitness/recreation facilities, professional groups and primary care providers

• Positive corporate social image through association with a not-for-profit cause and public health initiative

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