OCEAN ENERGY SECTOR Through its consortium of 15 EU national and regional funding agencies, the OCEAN ERA- NET (Ocean Energy European Research Area Network) project coordinates activity between European countries and regions to support research and innovation in ocean energy (defined as wave and tidal energy, salinity gradient and ocean thermal energy conversion)

We are seeking EU ocean energy companies to contribute and share their experiences within the sector and to discuss and review the technological and business opportunities, barriers and support needs that will progress the sector in future years. Our aim is to further identify and share key learning points that will promote the competitiveness of the ocean energy sector in Europe.

BUILDING ON PREVIOUS SUCCESS This will build upon the great success and outcomes of a recent project workshop, held at PLOCAN in Gran Canaria that brought together dozens of ocean energy businesses and public bodies to openly discuss learnings, recommendations and common wishes for sector development.

We therefore invite ocean energy businesses (and the wider supply chain) to attend our upcoming workshops in Nantes at the Ocean Energy Europe Conference, on the 25th October 2017 and at the project closing conference to be held in Edinburgh on the 30th and 31st January 2018.


Within both of these events, there will be the opportunity to share your ideas, network with like-minded organisations, and hear from sector experts and those tasked with shaping the future of the ocean energy sector. Alternatively, we would be happy to speak individually to companies to discuss their thoughts on the future of the sector.


Additionally, sector businesses can still obtain our newsletter and gain access to two webinars that we recently hosted to support ocean energy sector business model development, ‘How to “sell” your business proposition’, and ‘Guide to public funding and private finance’ – all details available through the QR Codes/Links below.

Ocean Energy European Research Area Network

Offshore steel structures We supply the renewable energy sector.

• Tidal • Wave • Wind

Want to know more? Feel free to contact us

Bladt Industries, an innovative global leading steel contractor, has been involved over the last decade in more than 1,500 off shore structures for the renewable industries, including being pioneers in the fi rst


turbine. We have manufactured large-scale, highly complex structures for clients worldwide. Our vision, close co-operation, quality fi nishes and open dialogue from start to fi nish, makes us the ideal partner for projects in the off shore wave and tidal sectors.


Ghent University has been involved in wave and tidal energy research for over a decade e.g. in the EU framework (e.g. SEEWEC project), the national (e.g. BOREAS project) and the WES (e.g. PST-WEC project) programme. Today we are pleased to announce the construction of a coastal and ocean basin – to be operational as of 2019- of 30x30x1,4m³ with full control over the waves and currents (and wind) in various directions.

Our services: •

Research partner for H2020 projects in the fi eld of off shore energy

Tidal energy: blade design and CFD, FSI simulations; innovative PTOs and grid coupling

• Wave energy: from hydrodynamic response over PTO design to grid coupling, and WEC array modelling

• •

Fatigue and robustness of structural elements for off shore energy

As of 2019 access to the coastal and ocean basin


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