SPOTLIGHT ON WESTERN FRANCE THE PONANT ISLANDS Fifteen islands scattered off the French Atlantic coasts ‘where the sun sets’, is the French definition of Ponant

They gathered more than forty years ago, with an ambitious purpose to give a future to the islands. Of those fifteen, the three westernmost - Ushant, Molène and Sein - remain unconnected to the continental electric network due to their marine environment with strong tidal currents, powerful winter gales and waves.


These constraints have turned into opportunities to face the challenge they have recently set themselves which is switching from 100% hydrocarbon electricity production to 100% renewable by 2030.

On the three islands, a multiple action and partner programme has been engaged since 2015 in all fields having impact on energy aspects.

It includes actions to involve local communities and consumers to reduce

MAIN EFFICIENCY But the main efficiency will be obtained with renewable electricity production, in relation to resources available on each island, coupled with storage and smart piloting capacities. For this purpose, power sources available in solar, tidal and wind will be captured.

Up to now solar power generators and storage capacities have only been installed on île de Sein, near Finistere off the Western Brittany Coast.

Recently they have now been connected on the island of Ushant, also off the Brittany Coast, from the tidal current called “Fromveur”. This is housing the Sabella turbine, which is connected to the electric network of the island.

power consumption; subsidised works to improve energy efficiency of buildings to replace low performing appliances and support to consumers to improve energy use patterns.


Sofresid Engineering SA, a global engineering firm with substantial added value, providing expertise gathered through 30 years of activity in the oil & gas industry (including offshore platforms, floaters and subsea to surface equipment), shipbuilding and industrial plants

Their services, carried out by multidisciplinary teams, range from turnkey project solutions to engineering and regulatory studies, procurement services and works supervisions, focusing on providing cost effective solutions taking into account design, fabrication, installation and maintenance constraints.

With eight regional offices and 480 engineers, Sofresid Engineering can work in close collaboration with its local

customers, particularly to implement projects on a human scale.

ACTIVE PLAYER Sofresid is an active French player in MRE from its four engineering centres localised in Western France (Brittany, Normandie and Pays de la loire), and has developed strong competences in the design of: » OWT foundations (monopile, jacket or gravity based) and floating OWT including seabed interfaces and moorings

» OWT transition piece arrangement including electrical & instrumentation design and O&M studies

» Tidal current turbines foundations » Electrical sub-station topside and foundations

» Subsea hub for power cable interconnections

» Offshore transportation and installation

As references, Sofresid, a partner of Sabella Sas, was involved in the design of Sabella D03 and D10 foundations and installation methodology.

For the Osterild Wind Turbine test field in Denmark, Sofresid assisted Bouygues TP for the design of the Haliad 6MW gravity base foundation prototype Sofresid is also actively supporting its head office Saipem by designing foundations for the future French OWT fields of Courseulles sur Mer and Saint-Nazaire, performing advanced calculation such as load iteration process between turbine and foundation and structural validation.

Sofresid Engineering 27 Association les Îles du Ponant

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