When specifying products for the

helped to shape recent technological advancements in showering products. And, with the rise in multi-generational living, these considerations benefit the whole family, including small children. So, where possible, specifiers need to be equipped with adequate information about those who will be living in the property and using the bathroom.

Keeping cosy with Kooltherm

Kingspan Kooltherm K5 External Wall Board has been specified as part of an innovative, large-scale whole building retrofit system installed on a social housing development in Solihull, dramatically reducing its energy

requirements. The all-in-one retrofit solution was installed around the existing building to create a highly-insulated envelope, limiting thermal bridges. Kingspan Kooltherm K5 External Wall Board was selected as a key component of the system due to its ability to deliver premium thermal performance relative to its thickness. Kingspan Kooltherm K5 External Wall Board features a fibre-free core and is manufactured with a blowing agent.

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elderly, safety is of paramount importance, as hot water can cause serious injury within seconds. In fact, severe scalding is the second most common cause of household injuries, with 570 serious bath water scald injuries, and more than 20 related deaths, in the UK every year. Thermostatically controlled products can help here, as they accurately control the temperature of water for showering, bathing and hand-washing. These products contain valves that maintain a pre-set temperature even if the water pressure varies when other appliances are used. Once installed and maintained correctly, they can significantly reduce the risk of scalding in the home. Complementing this, elderly customers can also benefit from ‘cool-to-touch’ shower bar technology which ensures that

the temperature of the valve never exceeds that of the mixed water. Being safe and comfortable to touch, users can rest assured that they won’t scald themselves if they accidentally touch the shower body, especially where shower space is limited.

When specifying for the older customer, installers will find it helpful to refer to products conforming to BuildCert’s TMV scheme, which aims to minimise the risk of scalding.

Elderly users often have sensitive skin as well, so showers with a softer flow can be helpful. Unlike conventional showers that sometimes produce an uncomfortable needle-like spray, specialist products can create an optimum water droplet size, providing greater warmth and coverage and an immersive, full body experience.

The overarching message when looking at the future of bathrooms is that inclusivity and versatility are imperative. Installed products should address the needs of the ageing population without alienating users from a design perspective. The bathroom should be a user friendly, relaxing and, most importantly, safe place to be.

Martin Walker is CEO of Methven UK. Affordable homes benefit from acoustic floor

Profloor Levelling System from the A. Proctor Group has once again been specified to enable a level finished floor to be installed on uneven concrete floors. The Lincoln Court development consists of 22 new affordable homes available. Developed to allow a level finished floor to

be installed on a cambered, stepped, or uneven sub-floor, Profloor Levelling System is typically used to take out the irregularities in mortar screeded floors. The floor is levelled by inserting packers in each levelling base to adjust the level of the timber battens, and create a level finished floor with no need for wet trades in the process.

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Texline vinyl fl ooring, with its Gerfl or Fibre Technology backing, gives greater warmth and

comfort underfoot as well as sound deadening qualities. It is safer, quieter and more hygienic than standard vinyl fl ooring.


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