Tobermore deliver aesthetic and functional hard landscaping solution for Junnell Homes


unnell Homes Ltd developed Salterns Reach, a luxurious housing scheme in West Sussex.

Jonathan Bingham, Construction Director at Junnell Homes, explained what his team wanted to achieve at Salterns Reach: “As with all Junnell Homes’ projects, we wanted to create a boutique-style development consisting of properties with a bespoke design that would showcase real character and style.” Jonathan explained that the choice of hard landscaping materials was taken into careful consideration as the exterior of a home is so crucial when trying to appeal to home buyers. He noted: “Paving was selected as the most appropriate hard landscaping material due to the attractive and hard-wearing qualities that it offered – making it a more superior option than the likes of tarmac, concrete or gravel.” Jonathan continued: “We liaised with

Tobermore’s South East Sales team and Beth Moore (long-standing Landscape Designer at Tobermore), who provided various landscape design options and the most suitable products to use for each. This was a fantastic service and helped us find the best solution.”

Tobermore’s Hydropave Tegula Duo and

Hydropave Tegula 240 was specified as these products are manufactured with an aged, antique appearance that allowed the landscape to blend beautifully with the traditional surroundings of the site. Jonathan commented on this decision:

“The aesthetics and technical capabilities of the products met our design vision; hard-wearing, suited to purpose, easily repairable and offered design flexibility.” In addition to the visual appeal of Hydropave

Tegula Duo and Hydropave Tegula 240, the products provide a permeable function – a legal

requirement for new housing schemes in the UK that feature ten or more units. Tobermore’s Hydropave permeable paving is designed to allow rainfall to infiltrate naturally into the ground as method of flood prevention and offers cost savings over traditional drainage method such as pipes or manholes. The properties at Salterns Reach successfully

reached completion in late 2016. Jonathan commented: “We feel the project was a success and we are very pleased with the outcome.”

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 Strength to strength with Ultra paving range

Brett Landscaping has introduced Stamford Ultra, the latest edition to the hugely successful patio paving range Stamford, after seeing a sustained increase in demand from its customers. The classic Stamford economy wet-cast concrete flag paving range, with its simple riven styling,

offers exceptional value. Now for 2017 this range will now be augmented by Stamford Ultra which adds more variety than ever before. The gently rippled texture of Stamford Ultra provides a completely different aesthetic to the range giving customers a fantastic alternative to the riven surface of regular Stamford paving.

0345 60 80 577 Meeting the demands for wooden decking


Osmo UK, an eco-friendly wood and finishes expert, offers a range of decking oils to protect and maintain the beauty and quality of exterior decking. The product range provides resistance against water and dirt, while also offering an appealing satin oil-based protective finish. The eco-friendly ingredients help to regulate the wood’s moisture content, reducing swelling or

shrinking, whilst enhancing the natural characteristics of the wood. The finish also prevents the wood from cracking, peeling or blistering. Available in different shades to complement and protect a number of wood species. WWW.HBDONLINE.CO.UK

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