In January, the Government unlocked £7 billion in a dramatic expansion of the government’s affordable housing programme to meet the diverse housing needs of the UK. It’s a burgeoning sector where international flooring and interiors specialist Gerflor have devised a stunning range of social housing refurbishment and new build luxury vinyl flooring solutions to meet the exacting standards that will be required to fulfil the forthcoming demand. In 2016 Gerflor won the CFJ/CFA product of the year category with their Taralay Impression Control range. This safety flooring collection is perfect for both refurbishments and new builds.


Nuaire has introduced a new range of in-line carbon filters that remove the highest levels of Nitrogen Dioxide from the air, as verified by the BRE. IAQ-BOX remove up to 99.5 per cent of NO2, and up to 80 per cent of harmful Particulate Matter, the main by-products of traffic fumes and industrial pollution. IAQ-BOX introduces an industry first in its double-width carbon filter – IAQ-BOX-D. Designed for larger properties, its wider surface area lowers air resistance for a quieter-running MVHR system and better flow-rates. Its filters have a four year lifespan. Both the double and single models measure just 170mm in depth, giving designers valuable space savings.

 Conventional and Balanced Flue Gas Stoves

Paragon branded efficient, realistic high quality gas flame technology is now available in a freestanding stove design both for conventional and balanced flue systems. The new Paragon gas stove models are manufactured with heavy- duty, seam-welded steel bodies and doors in keeping with high quality solid

fuel originals. Conventional flue models can be fitted into Class one, Class two and Pre-cast flues and come complete with an innovative closure plate system. BF models have a rear mounted “through the wall” flue system. For more information or to arrange a display please Charlton & Jenrick.  Pineland Furniture

Pineland Furniture is a family owned business which mainly designs and manufactures bespoke high quality kitchen furniture. Pineland also makes freestanding and built in furniture for bedrooms, living rooms etc. Pineland uses traditional methods and materials to craft its products. The company feels that too many kitchens today look synthetic and uniform in design – more like a science laboratory than the “engine room” of the home. Over the years, Pineland has established a satisfied customer base stretching UK wide, from London and the South East, throughout Wales to Scotland.

Monarfloor Bridgestop ideal for uplift

Icopal’sMonarfloor Bridgestop acoustic isolation system is an ideal solution for housebuilders looking to take advantage of the £1.2bn Starter Homes Land Fund and develop brownfield sites. The system offers superior acoustic performance for separating party cavity walls on raft foundations or continual slab, reducing costs by more than 18 per cent.

Monarfloor Bridgestop can be used in conjunction with raft foundations or continual slab. It isolates both masonry leafs from each other, reducing flanking transmission, and preventing an acoustic bridge by the collection of mortar at the base of the cavity.

0161 865 4444 Clearstone’s resin bound for exclusive home

Clearstone installs resin bound driveway for Apeks Developments, a company obsessed with creating homes of distinction in London. Demanding quality and reliability from their contractors, they choose Clearstone for a fuss-free installation. With Clearstone resin bound there are no joints – even on the largest areas – ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted surface. Just sleek natural beauty – the perfect complement to the contemporary, state-of-the-art homes that Apeks creates. “Clients are very positive about Clearstone’s resin bound,” says Adam Ramalingum, project manager for Apeks. “They are delighted with the choice of colours and the fact that it is SUDS compliant and low maintenance”. Clearstone mixes only the highest quality UV-stable resins and aggregates blends, so their paving won’t crack or fade and, because they formulate their own products, they offer a 10-year guarantee. “Clearstone’s service is excellent: Sales Director Andy Forsey is extremely helpful and prompt at arranging to measure up. In the last development in Barnes where Clearstone laid a driveway and internal garage space, we ended up having to push the job back twice. But a couple of ‘phone calls to Andy and he re-scheduled. Clearstone staff went out of their way to accommodate us,’ says Adam.

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