 Aggregate industries employee celebrates 40 years

Paul Marley, an Internal Sales Representative for the Building Products division of Aggregate Industries, is celebrating 40 years with one of the leading construction materials supplier, having started with the company in 1977. To commemorate his 40th

anniversary, Paul

was presented with a Long Service Award by Building Products Sales Director, Jeremy Lee.

Paul comments: “I can’t quite believe it’s been 40 years. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and where I work, which is what has kept me here for so long. 40 years is a long time and things have certainly changed during my time. I look forward to many more years with the company.”

01285 646900 Cavity Barriers protect against fire spread

According to Document B of the UK Building Regulations fire barriers must be installed in cavity areas that are vulnerable to the spread of fire. Using the correct passive fire cavity protection system within a building is crucial, in the event of a fire, intumescent

fire barriers activate and seal holes, penetrations and cavities, preventing the spread of fire. Two storey buildings and above require cavity barriers to stop fire from spreading through walls, floors and cavities. The Envirograf® Cavity Barrier range fully satisfies the requirements stated in Document B of the Building Regulations.

01304 842 555 EGGER Protects from the weather for longer

New research and rigorous testing of EGGER’s flagship flooring product, EGGER Protect, has shown that the structural board can remain exposed to the elements for 60 days. This gives UK house builders peace of mind when dealing with unforeseen delays. EGGER Protect is manufactured from

the company’s P5 flooring grade particleboard with a weather resistant surface layer applied to both sides. The board has a hard-wearing, anti-slip surface, is quick to install, and can be used with underfloor heating systems and tiles.

0845 602 4444 LG embedded wi-fi wall mounted air con units

LG has launched a new range of wall mounted air conditioning units with a plethora of new features including embedded wi-fi, and compatibility with its multi-split range. In addition, the 10-year compressor warranty that already applies to its single split wall mount units is now extended to include

the multi split range. All three new units feature Embedded wi-fi so you can easily access your air conditioners by using smart internet devices such as Android or iOS based mobile phones – wherever you are and however many air conditioners you may have. Designer Contracts is recycling winner again

Designer Contracts has been named ‘Take Back Partner of the Year’ by Carpet Recycling UK for the third time. The company initially trialled a recycling scheme, in conjunction with CRUK. The scheme works by diverting 90 per cent of its fitters’ unfitted carpet into felt underlay. What isn’t turned into under-

lay is used in the equestrian sector for arena flooring. This innovative scheme saves a staggering 250 tonnes of waste going to landfill every year. The company has recently invested £40,000 in a baling machine that helps to recycle 70 tonnes of cardboard and 20 tonnes of plastic every year.

01246 854577  Fantastic FIT Show for The VEKA UK Group

As FIT Show drew to a close, it would be hard to describe it as anything other than another success for The VEKA UK Group. With a footfall of over 13,000 people across three days, the event was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate a selection of new products with visitors spoilt for choice

when it came to the latest in PVC-U door and window innovations. Guests were treated to the first look at new innovations such as the SmartFold Door, SmartFold Window and the PVC Residential Door and Side Panel Combination. More highlights included the M70, FlushSash Slim Sightline Window, VEKA Screen, Vertical Slider and Lift & Slide Patio Door.

01282 716611

Specflue celebrates silver anniversary As Specflue celebrates its 25th

year in business,

the company’s guiding principles remain the same – a deep commitment to the highest possible quality, pioneering innovation, and a passionate belief in offering outstanding customer service. It is these values that have driven Specflue to become one of the UK’s foremost suppliers of flue, chimney, wood

burning fire and renewable heating products. But Specflue’s expertise is not confined to product supply. It also runs a state-of-the-art training centre comprising a mix of classrooms and practical areas to educate and raise standards within the solid fuel and renewables sectors.

0800 902 0220 Omnie MVHR Systems specified for eco-homes

Following the example of the German PassivHaus standard and Canadian Super-E systems, the consultants designing a development of highly energy efficient homes in Suffolk have opted to incorporate Omniemechanical heat recovery ventila- tion systems. The eco-houses are being fitted with MVHR units by local plumbing/heating specialist. The warm air extracted from the kitchen and other wet rooms will pass through each unit’s high efficiency heat exchanger to temper the incoming fresh air. The

MVHR’s 75 mm diameter semi-rigid ducts are connected back through a manifold and to the low wattage fans, then to the external terminals.

01392 363605 WWW.HBDONLINE.CO.UK

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