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Despite the hoopla around body weight workouts, selectorized equipment is as popular as ever

happening with the resistance ma- chines that fill so much of a club’s square footage? According to club owners and


equipment distributors, there contin- ues to be a huge market for selector- ized equipment. “As much as sleds, turf and bat-

tle ropes have become popular, there will always be a need for selectorized equipment,” says Daniela DiGiorgio, vice-president of sales for Advantage Fitness Sales Inc. in Markham, Ont. “The machines guide you and ensure that your body position is biomechani- cally correct without needing a trainer to assist you. So it’s especially ideal for older adults, beginners, deconditioned

34 Fitness Business Canada March/April 2016

IIT, body weight training, CrossFit and other no-frills workouts are doing big busi- ness these days. So what’s

exercisers and people rehabbing from injuries.” And some exercisers simply have

no interest in the no-machines style of workout, despite all the buzz and ex- citement, she adds. A 2013 survey by equipment manu-

facturer Precor demonstrated the stay- ing power of the machine workout: 79 percent of survey participants who used selectorized equipment during the previous year continued using it, compared to 73 percent who exercised using only their own body weight and 61 percent who used plate-loaded equipment. New versions of selectorized equip-

ment are increasingly more attractive, functional, user-friendly, and promote better biomechanics, says DiGiorgio, whose biggest market segments are corporations and community centres,

which typically budget for and replace their equipment every 10 years. Everyone appreciates that adjust-

ments can be made with the touch of a hand and that, on some brands, brightly coloured handles direct us- ers to the adjustment locations. And on some machines, cell phone users can now refer to barcodes which direct them to YouTube video instructions. Additional features count reps and re- cord your workout history so you can track your progress on your phone. “When I’m designing a new facility,

I always include a free weight training area, a functional training area, and a wide selection of cardio machines and selectorized equipment,” says DiGiorgio. “It’s all about balance—you need a broad range of equipment to satisfy all of your facility’s demograph- ics and their training goals.”

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