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“Although adding services such as massage won’t require a great deal of space, the location of the space is crucial. The ideal spa treatment room is located in a quiet area away from the normal traffic patterns of the club. The room must be relatively accessible from the locker rooms or provide convenient dressing facilities close by. The décor and lighting should be soſt and indirect to create an ambiance of relaxation and stillness. The ventilation of the treatment areas is crucial. Although the treatment room is typically kept warmer (21-24C degrees) than the club environment, the room must never feel stuffy or hot. The spa requirement for each treatment room is approximately 11 square metres.”

Mike Bates, author of Health Fitness Management: A Comprehensive Resource for Managing and Operating Programs and Facilities.

4. Get the terminology and feel right Remember that registered massage

therapists are regulated health profes- sionals with 2,200 hours of extensive training that includes anatomy, physi- ology and hands-on clinical work. So, for example, don’t use the term “mas- seuse,” which can have sleazy massage parlour connotations.

5. Consider a consultant Hiring a spa consultant may save

you time and money in the long run by keeping your project on budget and on time and by helping avoid ex- pensive errors. A consultant will also have the necessary business contacts and an understanding of the massage therapy world that you likely don’t have. Even a short-term contract for hourly work and advice could prove valuable. FBC

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