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Payroll Procedures and Record Keeping

Are you compliant with the laws re- garding number of hours worked, over- time, holiday pay, vacation pay, breaks, family leave, etc. If not, download a copy of your province’s Employment Standards Act.

which interview questions are illegal to ask? Do you always do a second in- terview and check references? Do you have customized interview, job offer and employment contract templates?

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Onboarding and Orientation Do you have a thorough integra-

tion and training program for your new employees, including training checklists for all roles? Studies show that employ- ees who participate in an organized on- boarding program are 60% more likely

Hiring Procedures Do you and your hiring staff know

ployee handbook that includes topics such as professionalism, social me- dia, cell phone usage and grooming standards?

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Performance Management Do you have comprehensive job

descriptions and performance apprais- als for each role based on your com- pany’s standards of performance? Is there a process that ensures that em- ployee performance issues, including progressive discipline and termina- tion, are dealt with positively, fairly and legally? Have your department heads been trained to properly conduct and document feedback and disciplinary conversations?

How to Implement an HR Program If you don’t have a full time HR man-

to be with that company three years lat- er. Do you provide ongoing training and development for your team?

Company Policies Do you have an up-to-date em-

ager or HR department, a good place to start is with an HR audit. To do this, start by reviewing the information above and identifying any gaps. Based on your expertise, time and budget, de- termine your priorities and which as- pects you can tackle with your team. You may want to consider outsourcing this review and creation of the tools. Be sure that your managers are

trained on the use and delivery of the tools. And of course set a timeline to en- sure that this project doesn’t get stuck on a back burner. FBC

Alanna Turco is a partner at 360impact Group, which provides customized training, e-learn- ing, management coaching, sales and marketing training, recruiting and HR consulting to fitness clubs. She has worked in the industry for 20 years, as a general manager, and a regional manager and director of training and development, and she is also a faculty member at Humber College. Contact Alanna at and ask about new HR toolkits and training.


G575U Upright Cycle


• SportsArt’s line of cardio products that harness human energy and feeds it directly back into the grid

• As simple as plugging in our machines into a standard 120v wall outlet

• Once a user exercises, power is generated and fed back into the power grid offsetting power consumption

HOW IT WORKS G875 Elliptical G575R Recumbent Cycle

Watts generated through exercise are converted to AC power and sent back through your facilities power grid to offset energy costs.

1 .800.465.3062 | PPLFITNESS.COM To learn more and calculate your

potential energy savings, contact us at: GOSPORTSART.COM March/April 2016 Fitness Business Canada 31 1.800.709.1400

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