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PAGE 48 Creating “Local Havoc” E.A.T Chef Tapped into the Heart of Wiens Brewery By Hannah Warner Chef Leah DiBernardo has taken her hand at collaborating with Brew-

master Nic Bortolin, bringing depth to the idea of elevating beer from a blue- collar beverage to a serious drink that can hold its own in the culinary kitchen. Both E.A.T Marketplace and Wiens Brewery pride themselves on offering only the finest ingredients. This has been a culinary journey in beer making, and has highlighted the strengths of both Artisanal Businesses. Div- ing into a Chef-inspired collaboration has resulted in a drink that both foodies and beer connoisseurs can relate to and enjoy. The beer created is a Sage Saison which is a

Seasonal Farmhouse Ale named “Local Havoc”. Seasonal brews are in no short supply these days, but we forget that seasonal was once done out of necessity. French for “season”, saisons were brewed in the fall, due to the perfect temperature and con- ditions in the farmhouse, for the desired result. Wheat, oats, buckwheat, spelt and barley were cul- tivated and included in indigenous brews. Malting was often done on site, but raw grains were also commonly used. Centuries ago, beer was spiced with locally

grown or culled herbs, called gruit. Naturally, this would have varied regionally, based on what was farmed in each area. This beer has followed suit, and reflects on the traditional techniques of Belgium by sourcing organic ingredients from our own commu- nity’s back yard.

Traditionally in Belgium, each farm would make their own, unique and

distinctive brew. Often farmers shared equipment and brewhouses, as well as pooled resources, ideas, and skill to come up with their communal con- coctions. E.A.T and Wiens have worked hard at not only some great barrels of beer, but have brought community together, supported each other, and offered a model for businesses, friends, and family alike to live by. The sage used in “Local Havoc” is foraged locally from Phil Noble of

Sage Mountain Farms, and the honey is cultivated by the Mikolich Family of Temecula. The yeast is a strain of Brettanomyces from Belgium, which makes it as traditional as it can get without digging a hole outside in some shaded black dirt in order to keep it cool. Thank goodness for refrigeration! The name of this beer was even a community effort, as there was a naming contest held throughout Temecula that resulted in some wildly creative suggestions. Farmer, Chef, Bee- keeper, Brewmaster, and Loyal Customers coming together has resulted in our community’s own farm- to-mug frosty pint. “Local Havoc” premiered at E.A.T Marketplace

in Old Town Temecula, and also at Wiens Brewery in Temecula on Friday, September 26th. The Chefs at E.A.T Marketplace have created unique food and beer pairings exclusively for Oktoberfest that are on the menu each Friday and Saturday night in Octo- ber.

The E.A.T team has created a “Toast & Beer” pairing, slammin yum! They include items such as…

Chef Leah DiBernardo and Brewmaster Nic Bortolin have brought community together, supported each other, and of- fered a model for businesses, friends, and family alike to live by.

• Farm Egg & Prosciutto on buttery thick Malt Toast

• Malt Toast with Aioli, Duck Egg over easy, Cher- moula, Fermented Red Pepper Sauce & Parsley

• Pretzel Toast with Aioli, Pork Belly, Tomato Jam and Crispy Onion Bits.

By the way, the recipe is a secret!


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