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Yuan Boutique Bistro and Dim Sum Restaurant This attention to detail and

style is also evident in the food they create. Yuan describes itself as offering a Boutique Bistro and Dim Sum atmosphere, and a quick look at the appetizer menu section provides a hint as to what the Yuan philosophy toward Asian cuisine is about. What you would expect on customary neighbor- hood Chinese restaurants menu, like Pu-pu platters and egg rolls are absent and exchanged for Edamame, Soft Shell Crab Tempura, Salt & Pepper Cala- mari, or Seared Tuna Mango Salad. I ordered the Soft Shell Crab Tempura which was a perfect balance between the

Thai Basin Chicken

delicacy of the tempura and the hearty flavor of the sea. While John was busy tending to the early lunch customers coming in, and overseeing the kitchen where Executive Chef Tony was preparing their dishes, we ordered some Dim Sum. All the Dim Sum at Yuan is handmade and a perfect balance of opposites, maintaining the principles in Chinese philosophy of the Yin and the Yang. The outer wrappings were firm yet tender, doing their job of containing the shrimp, pork, or vegetable fillings, without overpow- ering the delicate flavorings, and the dipping sauce is so good that it takes restraint not to put it in a shot glass and consume it as a shooter. By ordering from the Dim Sum menu alone, if they wanted to, diners could create

an entire meal. A couple of Dim Sum offerings I will try the next time I visit will be the Chicken Pumpkin Dumpling, and the Truffle Shrimp Edamame Dumpling. However, wanting to

Wild Mix Mushroom with Baby Spinach

sample as much variety as possible, the three of us moved on to the main courses. We shared Veg- etable Fried Rice, Thai Basil Chicken, Wild Mix Mushroom with Baby Bok Choy, and my personal fa- vorite, Scallops with Black Bean XO Sauce. The Scal- lops in XO sauce were reminiscent of the ones I

had while on a business trip to Hong Kong, dining at the restaurant that claims to have invented the sauce in the 1980’s. There is some dispute as to whether the sauce orig- inated there, or in the more urban area of Kowloon. Nonetheless, all dishes were ex- cellent and demonstrated perfectly balanced flavorings and textures, again displaying the aspects of the Yin and the Yang. Yuan’s menu is quite extensive, of-

fering a wide range of not only Asian Fu- sion fare, but also offering choices on the preparation methods, so rather than me trying to explain each, I would direct you to their website http://www.yuan- where you can check out the menu yourself; the prices are listed on the menus as well. When Howe joined us at our table

and we were complimenting him on the food, he explained that one of the key in- gredients; is using fresh ingredients. Prior to opening Yuan, he searched the local area for suppliers that could deliver farm to table products. Creating relation- ships with them allows for the use of the freshest possible ingredients from which John and his staff create their culinary Asian Fusion artworks. Also, both Howe and John realize

the importance of becoming part of the local communities. As a result they es-


tablished relationships with our local wineries. Temecula Valley wines are suggested pairing for their dishes. So if you are looking for some adventurous and delicious Asian Fusion dining,

check out Yuan; and leave the paper-wrapped wooden chopsticks at home. Yuan Boutique Bistro & Dim Sum is located at 31757 Temecula Parkway #A. 951-302-2777.

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