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ERADICATING ERRATA: Dispelling Common Food Myths

Pride season is winding down, and

with it the memory of our pre-festival “eat-less drink-more” routines. But make no mistake, the effects of our alkie-indulgences during this time of year don’t simply stop at a surplus of empty calories that we think we can simply toss aside on a stair climber. They are very much still affecting us.

What are some chief distinctions between your two books, This Is Why You’re Fat and 10 Pounds in 10 Days? 10 Pounds in 10 Days is a pretty strict diet. It’s not

for people who want to make substitutions... It’s not really for vegans or vegetarians, even. You have to eat exactly what I tell you on that diet. Where there is flex- ibility for substitutions is in my first book, This Is Why You’re Fat. You can be a vegan, you can eat various different food groups. But 10 Pounds is very strict. It’s not about subtle lifestyle changes, it’s about saying, “I need to lose a certain amount in a certain period of time,” and THEN follow a maintenance program, which is of course outlined in the book. It seems that despite past complications, your brand has flourished. I’ve checked out your EAT.MOVE.BELIEVE program and it’s fascinating. EAT.MOVE.BELIEVE has a three-pronged approach.

Eating is about 35 percent of it and moving is im- portant, but you MUST believe that you’re actually worthy of having a healthy body and soul. That’s the hardest part—convincing people that they are wor- thy and that they can change their frame of reference about how they perceive themselves...and that they DESERVE to have their dream job, dream partner and dream body. I apply this principle to every interview, every book that I write, everything I do. It’s really about dealing with that emotionalism

and refraining from negative thinking that we all have every day. In the books, for instance, I give an outline, “These are what unreasonable goals are, and here are reasonable goals and how to perform them. This is how you set them in the morning and achieve them by the end of the day.” I give you real practice tools—that’s what makes me unique compared to others. I’m not saying, “Sleep more.” I’m saying, “This is how you can sleep more...this is what you have to do!” I really put a lot of thinking and my 22 years of experience into it.

One thing that stuck with me was the mention of negative self-talk. How do you get through to someone whose only way to cope with life is to put him or herself down? I’m not the only one to talk about negative self-talk,

but I do talk about metaphysics quite a bit in my book. There is a process that happens in the brain when you actually start making the physical connections of neurons and cell assemblies based on negative attitudes. How you perceive and speak to yourself... the things with which you surround yourself...they actually convert an emotional situation into a very physical state of being. You have to be very careful with your self-image because you can create a brain that will not allow you to be positive about yourself! That’s what people have to understand. Food has

a pharmacological effect on the body. It’s just as powerful as a drug that you’d take from your doctor. Thoughts have the same effect. They make you physi- cally feel a certain way. You can either solve problems for yourself or create them! People have to believe that they matter. You can

become a rock star in your own community and change a thousand people’s lives a day, and here’s how you do it: You get up in the morning and you make a decision to make eye contact with everybody you come across. You look at them and you say, “Hey, how are you?” That personal connection with people can really impact how they then carry forth and how they change in other people’s lives, because all we want is to be made to feel important. We don’t get that enough. People don’t realize that it can start with such a simple gesture.

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Alcohol almost neutralizes our muscle-gain/fat- loss abilities for an extended amount of time. What happens is that alcohol consump-

tion blocks your body’s own natural ability to release normal levels of human growth hormone (HGH), testosterone and proges- terone to keep estrogen in check. People spend $2,000 a month injecting themselves with HGH, but the last thing you want to do is block your body from making it nightly. Unfortunately, even having a glass of wine slightly decreases your body’s ability to do so. It’s not always about calories, sometimes your body isn’t functioning properly chemi- cally. Okay, the damage is done, but what can we help speed up our bodies’ process of healing from a binge? It’s as simple as adding a little lemon juice

or ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to your daily wa- ter intake. My H2O booster is a water additive that balances your electrolytes. You want vitamins and minerals, so make sure to eat your four servings of vegetables a day, your two fruits a day and your three free-range proteins. Does too much salt cause high-blood pressure? Not exactly. You’d be surprised the kinds of

things you can put in your body if your HGH is balanced. But if you’re not functioning well, that’s when foods can affect you and trigger things like high-blood pressure. Cooking with wine is harmless, right? You ARE cooking the alcohol out, but it’s

just turning into sugar, and why would you want more sugar? There are so many other flavors that you can use. Try cassia oil.

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