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Who knew a chicken could cause such a stir? A certain restaurant chain owner, has found himself in the

deep fryer of controversy and I have to admit, I find the situation a little humorous. Really Mr. Cathy are you going to whine about “the gays” picking a bone with you for what you said about marriage rights? What did you expect… happy homosexuals applauding? I love the protests and think that they are an example of the great American democratic system at

work. The beauty of our system, is that everybody gets to have an opinion, no matter how disagreeable I may find it. And, as a reaction to said opinion, we all get to scream, yell and indeed boycott your establish- ment because of it. I know that personally, I will never set foot in a Chick-W-T-F—why would I give my hard earned cash to someone that finds my lifestyle so abhorrent? That is my right and not a soul can take that from me according to our beautiful system. The sticking point for me with this “opinion,” such as the one expressed by Mr. Cathy, is that it unequivo-

cally supports the denial of my right to attach myself civically, morally and spiritually to the person that I choose. Not that I have ever needed anyone’s approval—I’ve been with out that permission and have managed quite well thank you very much. Never the less, we are talking about the denial of rights for a sub-set of people legislatively, because you do not agree with them based on a religious ideology. And there’s where we have a problem. Creating and supporting law that tells “my kind” that we aren’t allowed, in society that “guarantees me equal protection under the law,” will never work for me. You don’t have to support or even like our lifestyle, but you will never have my or any of my brothers

and sister’s permission to legislate away the right to choose with whom I associate. So my friend, do not ever expect that I/we will lay quietly by as you knock “my kind” out of the ballpark with your “opinions.” The United States Declaration of Independence, says it all:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Thank you Mr. Jefferson and thank you to all of you who fight the good fight. Joel Martens, Editor

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