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I LOVE A GOOD PICNIC… I just hate the transport and set up. I’ll cook, make the margaritas, bake the pie and even do the pack up, but transporting has always been a pain in the tush—until now. I have put together a group of fun but practical accessories to take the “ick” out of picnic and make your summertime eating “out” a whole lot more fun and totally stylish at the same time… who doesn’t want to be the envy of all others on the green, cuz your “eat al fresco” is totally cooler than theirs?

HERE ARE MY SOLUTIONS FOR PICNICKING WITH EASE: The Excursion Picnic Cooler on Wheels is made by Picnic Time with

durable rip-stop nylon dobby construction and has everything you need—and I mean EVERYTHING—on wheels! The lower cooler section has a 24-can capac- ity, with two thermo guard sections above for all of your favorite picnic nosh and even compartments for up to four bottles of yummy wine (some of us love the vine—a lot)! The picnic cooler bag also includes stainless steel flatware for four, an acrylic picnic blanket, melamine plates, acrylic wine glasses, cotton napkins, a nickel plated bottle stopper, stainless steel corkscrew, stainless steel cheese knife, wooden cheese board, and a portable set of salt and pepper shakers. BAM! That’s a done deal! It may seem a little more pricey than most picnic baskets, but consider- ing it’s totally all-in-one I think it’s a bargain. Best Price: at $179 at The Mega Mat by Picnic Plus a wonderful picnic blanket. Most are tiny and

not weighty enough to resist the wind or lay flat—and a bunched-up blanket on any picnic is a faux pas extraordinaire! I found this beauty a while ago and it has served me well for years. The mat/blanket measures out at a whopping 68”x82”, is 100 percent waterproof, has a foam padded lining and is completely machine washable (although I must admit, it is rather large). When rolled up it is a tiny 17”x12”x6,” has a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap, a hidden 8”x8” storage pocket to hide your wallet or keys and comfortably fits six to eight people. On the beach, in the woods or on a dewy meadow, you and your tush will stay perfectly dry as you languish your day away. Best Price: $38.99 on

The Blue Ridge Back Pack Chair is high on my list. I’ve had mine for

years and it has been on many a beach, park and picnic in SoCal—I can’t tell you how much I love it. It’s a totally comfortable sling-back style chair; with a wooden frame that folds up to become… wait for it… a completely practical and roomy backpack! The chair is totally adjustable when open; from fully upright to reclin- ing and leaves both hands free, because of its easy to carry backpack shoulder straps. The huge cargo pocket is big enough to carry everything you can’t fit in the aforementioned Picnic Cooler. Blanket, beach towel, extra clothes or tanning supplies, etc. and the two outside mesh pockets offer easy access to your iPod, cell phone, sun care products and keys—there’s even an insulated inner pocket to keep your favorite beverages cold. Best Price: $124.97 is on The Gateway Table For Two is totally not a necessity, but it will make

you the coolest picnicker in the park! It’s a perfect and practical accessory for your “pique-nique en plein air.“ Constructed of eco-friendly bamboo, it takes away the problem of finding a place to “place” your wineglass or other drinking accouter- ment, because of the handy-dandy groves on each side of the table. Insert the post into any penetrable surface (grass, sand, dirt) and voila, instant 8”x15” table! (The post is detachable and stores on the underside of the top for transport and storage). Best Price: $19.99 on Now you’re set for all things pi-ci-nic! Something on wheels to pull, something on your back to carry and the best outdoor accessories you will ever need. Oh, and don’t forget the citronella candles for bugs and effect, but please don’t burn the forest down! And always remember to pack out what you pack in!


RAGE monthly | AUGUST 2012

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