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The Disneyland Encyclopedia CHRIS STRODDER If you weren’t yet aware of this, or you already plan

Sparkle ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK A splash of The Supremes and ‘70s slow jams like

“Something He Can Feel” start this CD. “Something” slides in a soulful groove of romantic intentions. Then comes the sultry voice of the late Whitney Houston. All of the previous songs are momentarily forgotten as a piano and strong gospel vibes begin. The song, “His Eye is on the Sparrow” brings chills and a know- ing respect as Whitney’s remarkable voice and her undeniable majesty of delivery take hold. The torch is passed to Jordin Sparks with the next three songs. Her soaring “One Wing” is a stand-out track. Whitney (“Nippy”) and Sparks close the soundtrack of Sparkle. The final song, “Celebration” is a triumph of the spirit and a joyful yet misty-eyed memorial to a legendary voice. Released July 31

Evita NEW BROADWAY CAST RECORDING Intertwined brilliantly are the “rags to riches”

romantic drama of Eva Perón and the rise and fall of political power in Argentina of the 1940s, in this Tony Award-winning Alan Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice musical. Though not a brand-new release, there are too many positive attributes to not let this recording be acknowledged. One important aspect for the first time, is the title role of Evita is portrayed by a true Buenos Aires native, Elena Roger—whose talent has already been greatly recognized in Argentina. Another stand out is Ricky Martin as “Ché,” who excels with his Latin flair and voice. Add Tony-winning actor Michael Cerveris as “Perón” and the combination cre- ates a monumental listening experience that excels in all aspects for this first Broadway revival since the original 1978 London production. Available now

24 RAGE monthly | AUGUST 2012

Kathy Griffin Double Feature: Pants Off and Tired Hooker Kathy Griffin is doing her best to “keep up” with

the Kardashians. Her comedy DVD double feature presents Griffin’s hilarious observations of Kim Kardashian with her stand-up comedy show before the nuptials, Pants Off. Kathy then gets her claws of humor out, sorting through the crumbs after Kim’s divorce with Tired Hooker. Though already old news by now in la-la land, see Kanye West… Kathy can’t help but spread the joy of vicious laughter and her “twenty dollar” hollers of humor. Leave it to Griffin to get to the ridiculous roots of reality TV or lack thereof in her personal journey of the celebrity smack down. We all know that Kathy Griffin’s perspective is well- earned in both Pants Off and Tired Hooker available on DVD for all gays and beyond on August 7.

Mary Marie Who are Mary and Marie? It’s assumed imme-

diately in Alexandra Roxo’s film that Mary (Alana Kearns-Green) and Marie (Alexandra Roxo) are two sisters. The women are trying to reflect on happier times as they return to their first home one last time after their mother’s death. In this languid and slow- moving yet graceful film, it becomes apparent that the bond between Mary and Marie is deeper than sisterly affection. Are Mary and Marie bordering on incest as secretive lesbians, asexual or bi? It’s not safe to assume anyone’s sexuality, as a hired handy man enters the picture to work on house repairs. Dreamy and vivid cinematography by Magela Crosignani adds an important visual element to the hidden emotions and the mystery of sexuality between Mary Marie. DVD available August 7.

on being there, GayDays Anaheim at The Disneyland Resort is October 5 through October 7. A perfect companion for your trip is author Chris Strodder’s The Disneyland Encyclopedia. This updated second edition is a treasure trove of information on the original Walt Disney wonderland. Strodder has taken his life-long love and extreme knowledge of every attraction, restaurant, shop and major event in “the place where dreams come true” and written this unauthorized, unprecedented and unofficial history of The Magic Kingdom—he has done Walt Disney proud. The encyclopedia is completely accessible and entertaining because of Strodder’s writing and wit. The Disneyland Encyclopedia is a marvelous refer- ence guide to enjoy at home or on any visit… any time of the year. Available now

Marilyn: The Passion and the Paradox LOIS BANNER I have this thing about Marilyn Monroe. When I

think of her, “my spine turns to custard and I get all goose-pimply inside.” (Sugar Kane’s line in Some Like It Hot). When author of MM-Personal: from the Private Archive of Marilyn Monroe and noted professor of his- tory and gender studies at the University of Southern California, Lois Banner took it upon herself to write a new biography—it was definitely noteworthy. Those who scoff, “Another biography… please!” should be aware that in writing this book, Banner provides new insights to the woman, undisclosed information of Norma Jeane and a knowledge and admiration of Marilyn presented with Banner’s astute intelligence. The business woman, the artist and the “Gemini” psyche all receive their due in Marilyn: The Passion and the Paradox. Released July 17

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