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RINGLING BROS. AND BARNUM & BAILEY PRESENTS DRAGONS! Ever fantasize about running away with the Circus? Who can’t use a little fantasy? And who doesn’t love

a little competition? Come one come all to “The Greatest Show On Earth,” and witness “circus spectacles so incredible that once again you will believe in the unbelievable! Dragon tribes from the far reaches of the earth are brought together in a single performance, displaying their breathtaking skills in a circus tournament of champions. Each tribe must prove that they have virtues of Courage, Strength, Wisdom and Heart to arouse dragons which appear right before your very eyes!” The spectacle takes place at Valley View Casino Center, 3500 Sports Arena Boulevard from Thursday, August 23 through Sunday, August 26 so come one come all! For tickets and information go to

SEE HOW THEY RUN A lot’s happening this summer on Coronado!

ANYTHING GOES Cole Porter was a genius of fun and shenani- gans—and Anything Goes is a farcical romp through what one could argue a dancing, singing Shakespearian tale of mistaken identi- ties and comical errors—at sea. All aboard the S.S. American we go, with shipmates like the Minister, aka the Gangster a nightclub singer and her four dancing “Angels,” a society Miss engaged to a stuffy Englishman and a stow-away ex-boyfriend on board trying to win her back. A rollicking romp across the sea with timeless tunes such as “I Get a Kick Out of You,” “You’re the Top,” “It’s De-lovely,” and “Blow Gabriel, Blow” among others—Anything Goes is a timeless and endearing show and has been since its first opening on Broadway in 1934. Playing at Moonlight Amphitheater, 1200 Vale Terrace Drive in Vista from Wednes- day, August 22 through Saturday, Septem- ber 8. For tickets and more information call 760.724.2110 or go to

The Lambs Players Theatre has taken on this story of—you guessed it—mistaken identities and mayhem! We start in the lovely vicarage in the village of Merton-cum-Middlewick, where our lead character Penelope Troop lives with her husband the Reverend Lional. She is a former actress prone to dramatics and the local town gossip Miss Skillon is only to happy to gossip to all who will listen about her outrageous behavior. Penelope receives an old friend Lance-Corporal Clive Winton while her husband is out, in order to avoid detection he disguises himself with one of the vicar’s uni- forms. Enter Mr. Humphrey (in his clerical garb) as scheduled to preach next Sunday, toss in a Russian spy, also hiding his identity in cleric’s robes… now there were four. Into that mix we add the Cockney maid Ida, an unconscious Miss Skillon, a few police officers and a little harmony and BAM—you have chaos and hilarity. The Lambs Players Theatre, 1142 Orange Avenue from Saturday, August 17 through Sunday, September 23. For tickets and information call 619.437.6000 or go to

AN ILLIAD Care for an epic Homeric tale? What could be

more enthralling than a visionary new telling of the Trojan Wars in this familiar story-involving god, goddesses, undying love and endless he- roic battles at the La Jolla Playhouse from Sat- urday, August 11 through Sunday, Septem- ber 9? The endlessness war, its futility and how in the end, the losses outweigh the reasons for its original inception. These themes are all part of this story about the passions that enflamed the Greeks and Romans—the verbal battle be- tween Agamemnon and Achilles, the death of Achille’s bestie Patroclus and the raging battle that ensues between him and Hector—on and on they go… “A brilliant and thrilling adapta- tion,” raved the Philadelphia Enquirer; while The New York Times hailed it as “smartly conceived and impressively executed…an age-old story that resonates with tragic meaning today.” For tickets and information call 858.550.1010 or go to

TWELFTH NIGHT As often is the case in Shakespearian plays, ß is centered on mistaken identities, jovial festivities, drinking, dancing

and self-indulgence. What could be more enjoyable than that? Our lead, Viola has been shipwrecked on the island of Illyria with her twin brother Sebastian, who she believes lost at sea. She switches gender in order to become a page so named Cesario in order to work for Duke Orsino, who is besotted with the Lady Olivia who in her grief wants nothing to do with the Duke. Not to be dissuaded, the Duke uses Cesario to woo the lovely Olivia, who promptly falls for Cesario (remember now she’s Viola), in the mean time Cesario, I mean Viola has fallen in love with the Duke who sees her, I mean him as his BFF. Saints preserve us, this is a romp through identity hell, but as funny and entertaining as can be. The show runs from Friday, August 31 through Sunday, September 23 at the Coronado Playhouse, 1835 Strand Way in Coronado. For tickets and more information call 619.435.4856 or go to


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