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New Products
MT9510 gets automatic contactor
reD-e-seT center support revolutionizes pick and place
The new RED-E-SET center support product from Production Solutions
Multitest introduced a new Automatic
provides automatic board support for pick and place machines that don’t have
Contactor Cleaning (ACC) feature for the
center support installed. The easy to install and remove RED-E-SET improves
MT9510, capable of cleaning the contactor
product quality and reduces component damage by providing board support
fast and without manual interruption of
where and when it’s needed. Its ease of use reduces changeover time. RED-E-SET
the handling process. The ACC is a fully
supports a board lengths up to 24” and a wide range of widths. In addition to
automated and software-controlled concept
use in pick and place machines and chip shooters, RED-E-SET can be imple-
that does not require any opening, undock-
mented on screen printers and dispensing machines.
ing or downtime of the handler during
operation. This efficient solution allows
users to define the cleaning cycles conser-
uniquely suited for applications in three cost high speed in-line system, capable
vatively, i.e. to schedule the cleaning even
dimensional, through-silicon-via (3D/TSV) of handling PCBs or pallets sizes up to
before the actual yield loss occurs without
and wafer level packaging of electronic 18" x 18" or large format 24" x 24". The
noticeable drawback on throughput.
components and microelectromechani- low maintenance solder bath and pump
cal systems (MEMS). The product was system can be fitted with the proven AP-1
developed in cooperation with Micro- range of nozzles: jet-tip, jet-wave, dedicated
universal’s shop floor control
Chem Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary multi-dip and wave. The machine is freely
of Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd. wlpsolutions. programmable to cater to different board
Universal Instruments introduced a layouts, and each solder joint is separately
ground-breaking shop floor control
programmable to its own set of required
high speed pice® digitizer with
software that maximizes line utilization
real-time data processing
and provides unprecedented visibility into
production. Comprised of an all-new
Agilent Technologies Inc. introduced its
software technology, Dimensions® Line
new PCI Express® (PCIe) high-speed data
Manager dramatically reduces downtime
acquisition card with on-board field pro-
by up to 75%, delivering the highest
grammable gate array (FPGA) for real-time
achievable production efficiency and best
data processing. This new platform pro-
cost of ownership in any manufacturing
vides higher sampling rates, faster measure-
environment. Line Manager enables you
ment throughput and even more flexibility
to proactively manage changeover and part
to OEMs and many test and measurement
replenishment while production contin-
engineers, while maintaining precision and
ues on the line. Additionally, it provides
cost effectiveness. The Agilent U1084A
dynamic instructions at each machine for
Acqiris high-speed data converter leverages
feeder destinations during changeover and
the performance of Agilent’s leading-edge
automatically guarantees the correct loca-
technology and know-how to meet the
tions. Users benefit by knowing that their
most demanding requirements.
products have been properly set up using
Line Manager’s host of offline changeover
synchrondex selective soldering
machine offers low cost, high speed
The Synchrodex Orissa single point solder-
ing machine from Pillarhouse is a low
50 – Global SMT & Packaging – October 2009
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