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New Products
New products
inspection module, it is also possible to
Valor’s DFM solution now available via subscription
simultaneously inspect solder joints on
Valor Computerized Systems’ DFM software allows users to analyze their PCB
the board bottom side without turning the
designs for fabrication and netlist issues that can cause scrap and revision spins. A
PCB over. Therefore, top and bottom side
recent survey conducted by The Aberdeen Group, in fact, showed that Valor DFM
inspection can be executed in one opera-
users experienced 57% fewer design revision spins than other companies. Now, with
Valor’s innovative subscription plan, users can receive these benefits without spend-
ing precious capital. The subscriptions, available in one, two or three year terms,
psr®-4000™ lDi solder mask
include full technical support and all software enhancements at no additional charge
Taiyo America’s PSR®-4000™ LDI (US)
for the duration of the subscription. Based on the new subscription offering, custom-
laser direct imageable solder mask has
ers can realize savings of 25% or more over three years compared to a perpetual
completed initial customer evaluations and
license purchase.
has been fully qualified to industry specifi-
cations, including IPC-SM-840D and UL
94 flammability. The solder mask has ex-
tremely fast exposure, requiring as little as
50-100 millijoules with some laser exposure
equipment, making it highly productive.
PSR®-4000™ offers excellent resistance to
final finishes, a wide processing window,
RoHS compliance and lead-free compatibil-
effective acoustic microscope
imaging of stacked die
Sonoscan’s SonoLab® division is offering a
new service that provides greatly enhanced
acoustic microscope imaging of stacked
die assemblies. The new service, available
immediately, uses Sonoscan’s proprietary greeN MONsTer is both tough and
software developed over the last two years. green on pcBs
coping with moisture-sensitive
The new software images die stacks with Do you have trouble with contaminated
devices: siplace setup center now
unprecedented accuracy for internal defect PC boards? Where do you think it may be
with MsD option
analysis. Most significantly, it can assign coming from? Did you ever think that it
Protecting moisture-sensitive devices across
a defect or other feature to a specific layer may be coming from the stencil wiping roll?
the supply chain is becoming increasingly
within the stack, a capability that had been The very thing that is supposed to clean
important. To that end, the SIPLACE team
limited due to the thinness and number your stencil and prevent contamination
offers the new SIPLACE MSD Monitoring
of layers, until now! IC designers, IC may be causing it. High-Tech Conversions’
option for the monitoring of moisture-
packaging engineers, semiconductor failure GREEN MONSTER formulation has the
sensitive devices. As part of Setup Center,
analysis labs, and semiconductor manufac- abrasion resistance to withstand the high
a softare tool for reliable setup verifica-
turing engineers are among those who will friction caused by the wiping action, the
tion and data storage, SIPLACE MSD
benefit from this new analytical service. integrity to resist fibers from being pulled
Monitoring enables users to track the MSD off by sticky solder paste, and the toughness
exposure time for individual component
to withstand the harsh scraping and grating
reels across the entire placement process
unique double-sided in-line ThT action caused by the stencil’s apertures.
from the moment they are removed from
the dry-storage system. If the manufacturer-
GOEPEL electronic’s OptiCon Turbo-
specified MSD exposure time is exceeded,
Line is billed as the first system that can Dupont Wafer level packaging
the SIPLACE MSD Monitor automatically
efficiently be utilized for automated optical solutions introduces perMX® 3000
blocks the use of such component reels.
inspection for in-line THT manufacturing. photodielectric dry film adhesive
This minimizes the risk of producing mod-
TurboLine, which can be applied before DuPont Wafer Level Packaging (WLP) Solu-
ules that are faulty because they contain
and after the soldering process, in particu- tions, part of DuPont Electronic Technolo-
expired and possibly damaged moisture-
lar for the inspection of power assemblies, gies, has introduced DuPont PerMX 3000
sensitive devices.
allows the inspection of the component photodielectric dry film adhesive, the first
side with up to 85 cm placement height. in a new series of permanent photodefin-
Because of an integrated bottom side able, low temperature cure epoxy materials
48 – Global SMT & Packaging – October 2009
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