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in length and consumes less than 7kW of all users of UV-cured coatings, this means Dashboard Solution provides real-time
power. complete process reliability over a long performance visibility. Valor’s dashboards
production period, no expenditure on display the key performance indicators
maintenance and significantly lower costs. (KPIs) that enable critical visibility into each specific operational environment.
The dashboards quickly identify trends or
solderstar—booth a4/429 patterns in-progress, and help derive the
Temperature profiling manufacturer Solder- insights needed for early corrective action.
star will debut three new innovative prod- The dashboard displays real-time and
ucts. The VP4000 allows users of batch historical machine, line, and factory level
and inline vapour phase soldering systems KPIs such as OEE, changeover time, first
to fully profile their products in the same pass yield, nozzle/feeders errors, scrap and
way as a conventional reflow machine. The material consumption, and more. Valor or
new reflow profile optimisation software its customers also can create custom dash-
tool AUTOSeeker saves time and money boards to suit individual manufacturing
by eliminating the trial and error approach needs and specific KPIs.
of reflow process optimisation. And finally
the Solderstar PRO-RF is a complete solu- yesTech—booth a2/339
tion for reflow and wave soldering process YESTech’s system line up at this year’s
control, allowing reflow profiling on 6,9,12 Productronica will be the biggest ever. It
rMD instruments—booth a2/540
or 16 channels depending on customers will include the YTV BX, which offers AOI
RMD Instruments has added a new solder
requirements. benchtop PCB inspection with exceptional
analysis and identification feature to its
defect coverage, as well as its new X-Series
LeadTracer-RoHS XRF system that ac-
online and offline AXI systems which
curately identifies all solder alloys within
feature a unique 3D tomosynthesis image
minutes. This is helpful when completing
gathering technique that makes the inspec-
rework or repair for finished assemblies.
tion of hidden joints on double sided
It also accurately performs a “solder pot”
boards clear and precise.
analysis, allowing users to track changes in
their process. This is especially beneficial
for SAC alloys in which an increase in
Cu and Pb content (due to component
drag-out) can affect not only the soldering
process, but also RoHS compliance status.
siemens electronics assembly sys-
tems—booth a3/377
After the successful global introduction of
the SIPLACE SX, the SIPLACE team will Teknek—booth B2/341
actively face the competition once again. Nanocleen, which was five years in develop-
Many customers are already convinced: the ment, offers unrivalled contamination
new SIPLACE SX with its “Capacity on elimination and static control benefits in
Demand” concept meets exactly the needs the electronics production environment.
of electronics manufacturers who want new Teknek pioneered the development of
production concepts and more efficiency contact cleaning equipment 25 years ago ZesTrON—booth a2/461
to manage all the requirements of the and has remained at the forefront of in- ZESTRON will introduce its innovative de-
ever more frequent product changeovers novation in the sector ever since. It now fluxing agent VIGON® N 501. VIGON®
and massive demand fluctuations. At the has an installed user base of 16,000 “clean N 501 is the first pH-neutral defluxing
Productronica 2009, the SIPLACE team machines” world-wide and it is estimated cleaning agent worldwide. Due to its
will demonstrate what it can deliver in that customers using its yield improve- neutral pH-value, the cleaning agent dem-
today’s increasingly competitive market. ment technology have saved in excess of onstrates the highest level of compatibility $2bn. The Nanocleen system can be fitted on sensitive materials of SMT production,
to old and new versions of the Teknek such as aluminium, copper, brass, nickel,
sMT—booth a4/159
Clean Machine as well as other makes of plastics or labels. Being used at short
The heart of Wertheim-based SMT’s new
contact cleaning machine using an optional contact times and with concentrations as
UV curing system is a completely new UV
upgrade kit so investment in new hardware low as 10-15%, VIGON® N 501 shows
light source, which is not only outstanding
is unnecessary. very good cleaning results, even under low
because of its extremely long service life but
standoff components.
also achieves a consistent performance level Valor computerized systems—
over the entire usage cycle. SMT therefore booth a3/421
achieves totally consistent results over the Nanocleen, which was five years in
entire usage period of the light source. To developValor’s Manufacturing Visibility
46 – Global SMT & Packaging – October 2009
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