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Show preview: Productronica 2009
ment system. Wireless Stock Management
is linked to the customer’s ERP. It main-
tains complete visibility and fast access
to all inventory on the production floor
including passive storage racks.
eVs international—booth a4/425
and optical test and measurement equip- a revolutionary inhibition technology to
Winners of ‘Product of the Year’ at Produc-
ment will demonstrate how to achieve the be effective on the toughest soils while
tronica 2007, EVS products continue to be
highest possible fault and test coverage protecting even the most sensitive parts
accredited world-wide for their technical
by combining and integrating several test from etch or darkening. Kyzen introduces
innovation, environmental benefits and
technologies. GOEPEL electronic will also a product that can be used in spray batch,
significant cost-saving qualities. The EVS
introduce ground breaking products from spray in-line and stencil cleaning processes.
1000 will be featured at this year’s event, a
its individual business units. A4241 will provide brilliant solder joints
smaller, lighter version of the popular EVS with no sump side additives and consistent
7000/9000 range, with all of the recovery
cleaning results with minimal bath moni-
performance of the standard and lead-free
JuKi—booth a3/143 toring.
solder units. The smaller size and footprint
JUKI’s KE-2080 is a sixth generation
help reduce the cost, but still provide a ca-
high-speed modular flexible mounter. MirTec europe—booth a2/377
pacity of 10lb/5kg of dross, giving a rapid
Built on the one-piece SuperCast™ single The MIRTEC MV-3L desktop AOI system
payback and impressive return on capital
casting base that includes the Y beams, the is the industry’s most widely accepted five
KE-2080 is designed with speed, accuracy camera desktop AOI system. The MV-3L
and reliability in mind. Combined with is configured with a four mega pixel top
gOepel electronic—booth a1/239
the new LNC-60 high-resolution 360° down camera and four side-view cameras.
“Get the total Coverage!” is GOEPEL
component laser centering system and an The downward camera provides and
electronic’s corporate philosophy. “Get
improved magnascale resolution down to incredible 9.8 micron/pixel resolution and
the total Coverage by total Integration!”
1 mm, the KE-2080 is 25 percent more 2D bar code recognition. The MV-3L also
is the company’s theme at Productronica
accurate than previous models capable of features MIRTEC’s revolutionary Intelli-
2009. The vendor of innovative electronic
placing down to 01005 components. Beam Laser Inspection System. This system provides the “The Third Dimension” in in-
spection capability, the ability to precisely
Kyzen corporation—booth a2/340 measure the Z-height of a given region of
AQUANOX® A4241 is an award winning interest.
aqueous cleaning solution designed with
rainbow Technology—booth
A revolutionary new method of producing
high density interconnect (HDI) boards is
being unveiled by Rainbow Technologies, a
sister company to Teknek. Rainbow claims
its new system will revolutionise printing
of fine line detail, conductive tracks and re-
sists for etching or plating down to 20 mi-
crons. The Rainbow process can produce
300 HDI panels (double sided) per hour.
Running costs will be less than 25% of an
LDI unit and will be more environmentally
friendly. The unit itself is only six meters
44 – Global SMT & Packaging – October 2009
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