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Industry News
Industry News
second-quarter results reveal
price declines in the third quarter, but results achieved by these innovations in
healthy inventory positions for
the average is being skewed by DRAM. technology.
major chip suppliers
Furthermore, prices will revert to declines
Most major global semiconductor suppliers
in the fourth quarter, with a moderate 0.2 Multitest appoints steve Dielman as
that have reported second-quarter results
percent decrease. regional manager
are currently holding lean levels of chip
Multitest appointed Steve Dielman
inventory, putting them in a strong
rich Brooks regional manager for the company’s US
competitive position as demand begins
appointed handler business. Steve will manage the
to recover, according to iSuppli Corp. Of
southwestern Multitest Sales and Service Team in the
15 companies that have reported second-
regional manager US (with personnel in New England, Texas
quarter results, 11 indicated that their
at Kyzen
and California) from the office in Santa
days of inventory (DOI) during the period
Rich Brooks has
Clara, CA. Steve has extensive experience
were at a lower level compared to their
joined the Kyzen team
in semiconductor test with Teradyne,
average level for the past three years. Eight
as its Southwestern
Agilent Technologies, and most recently
of the companies reported inventories
regional manager.
lower than the average by double-digit
Rich’s principal
percentages. With inventories having been
responsibilities include the technical Manncorp names
excessive in recent times, companies with
and sales support of Kyzen customers in electronics industry
DOI of 10 percent or more less than their
the Southwest. Brooks has been in the pro to new branding &
trailing three-year average are in optimal
electronics industry for 21 years and holds applications position
competitive positions, having adjusted
degrees in both chemistry and chemical Matthew R. Conway,
for the new supply and demand equation
engineering from the University of Florida. an electronics industry
brought by the dramatically smaller end expert whose 18-year
markets. career began as a U.S. Marine aviation
Krayden receives as9120:2002-10, electronics instructor and most recently
Bliss industries appoints isO 9001:2008 certification
was in applications engineering and
manufacturers reps
Distributor Krayden, Inc., received service management with Tyco, has joined
Bliss Industries Inc., provider of material
a certificate of registration for the Manncorp in the newly created corporate
handling carts and racks for PCB assembly,
International Standard AS9120:2002-10, branding manager position, where he
appointed Cope Assembly Products as
ISO 9001:2008. Compliance means that will oversee customer relations and brand
its sales representative for North and
Krayden has the ability to handle customer management.
South Carolina and ARK Manufacturing
specific guidelines and provide customized
Solutions for Arizona, New Mexico and
services while maintaining a consistent sTi electronics named on inc.’s list
Southern Nevada. For more information
level of quality throughout its operations. of Fastest-growing companies in
on Cope Assembly’s products and services, america
contact Ted Kress at 336-423-9120. For STI Electronics, Inc., has been listed
more information on ARK Manufacturing number 3450 on the 2009 Inc. 5000 list
Solutions’ products and services, contact of the fastest-growing private companies in
Dave Murrin at (602) 684-4636. America. STI Electronics is again part of an elite group that has included companies
such as Microsoft, Timberland, Intuit,
Overall chip and electronic Jamba Juice, Oracle, and UnderArmour.
component prices to rise in Q3;
Many of today’s most successful U.S.
decline to resume in Q4
companies received their first national
Average global pricing for commodity
recognition when they appeared on the
electronic components is expected to
Inc. list.
rise by 2.3 percent in the third quarter
compared to the second quarter due to
yXlON y.cheetah x-ray system wins
yesTech supplies Distron with
shortages and resulting price hikes for
“Best practice award 2009”
upgraded F1-series aOi system
memory chips, according to iSuppli Corp.
YXLON International’s Y.Cheetah
YESTech, a subsidiary of Nordson
Following declines of 8.4 percent in the
x-ray system received the “2009 Global
Corporation, won won a contract to
fourth quarter of 2008, 9.2 percent in
Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) X-Ray
provide the F1-Series automated optical
the first quarter 2009 and 5 percent in
Inspection Equipment Product Innovation
inspection (AOI) system to Distron
the second quarter of 2009, overall prices
Award” from Frost & Sullivan. The TEAM
Corporation, a full-service contract
are expected to undergo a short-term rise
Research department at Frost & Sullivan
electronics manufacturer. Distron selected
in the third quarter. Most components
was particularly impressed by the excellent
the new F1 AOI to support their growing
actually are expected to experience
flexibility and outstanding inspection
operation and recently expanded
6 – Global SMT & Packaging – October 2009
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