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Business process management for improved productivity and customer satisfaction
with the customer to
business objectives?
see if everything was How is the business
achieved and if the really run? Random
outcome was aligned sample checks can
with the concept
Mission & Vision
be made in the
and procedures. If
Strategic Management plants for risk-based
not, define a new assessment. If the
set of procedures to
Create concept Sell concept
Implement Execute strategic goals were
meet and execute the
concept Concept
not met, ask top
concept correctly. management what
Finally, act. Take Supporting Structure for the entire company worldwide hindered them from
into account all achieving them.
Marketing Communications
Product Development
Intellectual Property
the results of the What risks to the
assessment and make
organization were
changes to keep Human Resources
Information Management
Corporate Responsibility
found and how
the processes and they could be fixed?
results in line with Tying assessment
the original goals
Values Corporate Structure Policies
tools and results to
and requirements. a company’s desired
(This is done
Figure 1. Corporate Navigator steers the company through the strategic business process . The Navigator helps
outcomes follows
in “Implement
a company to better view and understand the requirements at the hand-over points between functions and
the Lean Sigma
Concept” process.) customers, and provides customers with value-added activities through correct deployment of standardized working philosophy and is
This is the first methods. an essential part
step toward process of business process
improvement. The
find it and fix it each time. To accomplish
cycle then repeats itself.
this requires well defined processes
Utilizing a navigator helps a company to
communicated throughout the company
strategy development and
better see and understand the requirements
and the supply chain.
at the hand-over points between functions
Because BPM involves the whole
The third part of the picture is strategy
and customers. It enhances understanding
company, so should Lean Sigma training.
development and deployment. It completes
of how to support the business in terms
A beginning course should be taught to
the circle and is a direct outcome of the
of value added activities and helps deploy
every employee to introduce the operational
assessment results and analysis. It involves
standardized working methods, including
excellence leadership idea, what it is
conducting a thorough analysis of the
globally approved tools and templates.
and why it is necessary. The objective is
business objectives and moves towards a
Opportunities for improvement can be
to impart basic knowledge of Six Sigma
TOWS (threats, opportunities, weaknesses,
identified and dealt with in a structured way
problem-solving processes and tools and
strengths) matrix to prioritize strategic
and it enables a company to escalate issues
includes an introduction to lean thinking.
objectives, setting the stage for developing
to the right level.
More advanced training progresses from
alternative strategies, tactics and actions.
there, encouraging and providing all
Customer satisfaction is the end
lean sigma
employees with the chance to take on
result of business process management.
Lean Sigma, as explained in a previous
increased responsibilities in the company.
To get there, focus is placed on global
article that appeared in the May 2009 issue standardization, a common problem
of Global SMT & Packaging, is an approach
risk-based assessments
solving approach and supply chain quality.
that has been in practice for several years
Risk-based assessments are third party
What’s important is looking at the end-
and is an integral part of BPM. It mixes
evaluations of a company in regard to
to-end business model to see how the
the lean manufacturing concept and the
how that company and its employees
company is moving in the direction the
problem solving approach of Six Sigma for
are performing and meeting its business
market is moving. Look at how customer
a more efficient manufacturing process.
objectives and expectations. Although
requirements are shown and understand
The idea is to combine Lean Sigma with a
most companies have auditing procedures
the value chain and how it creates value for
company’s strategic objectives to make sure
in place and use outside auditors, all too
the customer, not just the company. Price
every project and activity benefits these
often the tools are tailored to compliance
performance and quality play a big role in
strategic objectives and always has a positive
assessments. Results that don’t conform
making the customer happy. What matters
affect on net profit.
to a company’s preset ideas, policies or
to customers is quality and whether they are
Look at the company as one system.
procedures are sometimes disregarded.
getting what they are paying for. Although
If there is something good in one part it
To have a truly practical purpose and be
taking a customer centric approach,
will positively affect the other parts and
beneficial to the company, the assessment
the company doesn’t have to adopt the
conversely, if it’s bad in one part the other
tools must measure the achievement of the
customer’s business model. The company
parts too will be negatively affected. In
strategic objectives a company has set. The
needs to look at profitability and market
Lean Sigma, systems are synchronized.
company needs to find a way to quantify
share for both itself and its customers while
For example, there may be one particular
and qualify its objectives so they can be
meeting customer requirements. These
problem on a product line and the problem
measured. All documentation, processes
tools can help the EMS to provide flexibility
is finally understood and fixed. Once it’s
and procedures must be evaluated. The
for the customer. The business process
fixed, change it on all lines throughout
results should be tied to the strategic
management approach should help ensure
the global operation instead of having to
processes. Is the company truly meeting its
that both companies can be competitive. Global SMT & Packaging – October 2009 – 27
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