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ABC Rides

Madame Tussauds Singapore will take delivery next month of a boat ride from ABC. Featured as an integral part of the attraction’s story- telling experience, it’s one of three water rides currently in production. The other two are a small Raft River ride for Hello Kitty Park near Shanghai and an 18m-high Water Coaster on the fourth floor of a shopping mall in China. “We have never built a water ride this high up before so it will be quite a challenge,” says the Swiss manufacturer’s spokesman Patrick Marx. “We are also working on a family coaster.”

In Europe, ABC is to build its third Maypole ride (aspictured), for an as yet unmanned park, as well as “a totally new ride experience for the travelling fair” due in March 2015. A delivery date has yet to be set for the large freefall tower the company is building for German showman Ewald Schneider, one of several tower rides it is currently working – but by far its most ambitious. Reverchon Attraction

Here, as promised, are a few more details on the new Swinging Coaster from Reverchon Attraction. Based around the same footprint as the French manufacturer’s popular spinning ‘Mouse’ coaster, the ride is built on four levels rather than three.

As with the latter ride, it does not feature any banking, but the four- seater cars’ swinging motion provide an added sensation as they travel along the track. Rather than the sharp hairpin turn found on Wild Mouse coasters, signature features of the ride’s layout include a slalom section. Tests have already been made using a Swinging Coaster on an existing

Reverchon spinning coaster at Parc Bagatelle in France. Pending TÜV approval, the company has already shown the concept to various German operators, and hopes to have the first unit open by the end of next year. Other new products from the French manufacturer include both a junior and XL spinning coaster, plus a new Mini Flume as seen at Parc Astérix. Technical Park

The Italian company is currently working on four new Ferris Wheels, a 35m model for Barhia Town in Pakistan, a 40m version for Steel Pier in Atlantic City, USA, a 55m construction for Vietnam and a 35m portable model for Brazil. EuroPark Idroscalo in Milan is in line for a Loop Fighter. The park near

the city’s Linate airport already operates an interactive Flying Fury ride, for which Technical Park recently picked up a European Star Award. Meanwhile Technical Park has three new ride concepts on the drawing board. Mega Loop is a 45m-tall swinging Pendulum ride featuring an extended 9-seater version of the somersaulting gondolas used on the company’s Pegasus ride, and delivering an hourly capacity of up to 800. Following the introduction this summer of its first Aerobat ride in Istanbul, Technical Park has tweaked the concept with the offer of a static centre pole (rather than lifting arm) and new “magic bean” themed wood-effect cars. Finally, aimed at the travelling showmen sector, is a ride with the working name of Crazy – a Lego model of which can be seen in our EAS show report on pages 25-27. 18 OCTOBER 2014

“We’re pretty sold out at the moment,” reports Mack Rides spokesman Maximilian Röser.

The German manufacturer has a number of new rollercoasters on order, including a Blue Fire-style flywheel launch coaster for Divo Ostrov park in St Petersburg, Russia; a 50 x 100m coaster with an out-and-back layout and a 35m heartline roll for a park in Xian, China; a spinning coaster for Adventureland in Farmingdale, New York; and a powered coaster for Freizeitpark Plohn in Germany, opening next spring. “This will be our first powered coaster with modern track construction techniques,” notes Röser. “Together with a new train design, it will allow for a much smoother ride experience.”

The spinning coaster set for Adventureland will be smaller than some of its Mack predecessors (as pictured) but apparently be “more intense and with more turns.”

Also in the pipeline are four new Twist ‘n’ Splash rides (two of them for China), a brand new coaster type for Europe and “a world’s first” water ride for 2016, plus and more work in Dubai in addition to the company’s commitments at IMG Worlds of Adventure.

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