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Park News

Try before you buy with RideView!

Building a new attraction is a costly and time-consuming process for any park, which is why the British company Holovis has developed an application called RideView, now offered in a portable virtual reality (VR) format with an Oculus Rift headset.

RideView takes park owners and planners behind the scenes that facilitates the design and simulation/testing of rides, masterplans and site layouts – well before the first spade is dug in the ground. Immersive, virtual reality environments can be created to allow the user to engage with the ride experience or explore a theme park layout through a 1:1 scale model. This means that people can explore designs as if real; walking round a theme park, riding a rollercoaster or perhaps engaging with an interactive dark ride, just as if they were a paying guest.

The latest Oculus Rift headset presents a stereoscopic 3D view with 360° head tracking in real time and a 100° field of view, creating the

feeling of very real and natural engagement. Factors such as sight lines, eye points, ingress and egress around the ride envelope and load/unload issues can all be assessed and monitored easily and with increased accuracy. Different layers can be added or subtracted including structures, utility services, HVAC systems, theming, media and lighting effects. This flags up any potential design issues much quicker in the design cycle than on a CAD drawing and ensures everyone fully understands how something will look and feel, cutting out descriptive technical jargon and the potential for misinterpretation. “This is an approach that we are proud to be bringing to the entertainment sector, informed by our 15 years expertise of applying similar solutions to the automotive, manufacturing and military industries,” explains Holovis CEO Stuart Hetherington. “We see this technology becoming a core part of the design, engineering, simulation, testing and training process in the future,” The first attraction that was fully designed and built using RideView testing will open in early 2015 – watch this space.

Back to where it all began for

Picsolve Leading image capture company Picsolve has signed a new 20-year contract with Blackpool Pleasure Beach, the British park that served as its first ride photography outlet two decades ago. Yet things have moved on considerably since 1994 and now rides including the Big One will be included in a new app that allows guests instant access to ride images, and can then be immediately uploaded to social media. “With the longstanding heritage between the two brands it was important to us to find ways of updating our offering with the park and maintain our strong relationship,’ notes Picsolve’s head of business development for the UK and Northern Ireland, Darren Mills. “After several years of commitment towards finding solutions that work in a digital age, it was great for us to be able to offer the app as part of the package too.”

“Since they installed the first photo solution at Blackpool Pleasure Beach 20 years ago, Picsolve has constantly evolved, offering imaginative and innovative ideas that in turn help us to stay ahead of consumer demand and, quite simply, keep them happy,” adds the park’s managing director Amanda Thompson OBE. “With increased focus on social media and consumption of content through mobile devices, providing guests with immediate access to high quality images is vital to help us ensure they take home long lasting happy memories.”

Accesso names

‘Ghost Train’ screams into Tweetsie Railroad

As part of the Tweetsie Railroad Halloween Festival, this fearsome looking “Ghost Train” has been howling its way through the Blue Ridge Mountains each weekend since late September and will continue to do so until 1 November. Brave passengers can hop aboard and take a trip back in time to relive “The Great Train Wreck of 1914.” Visitors to the North Carolina park can also take a spooky stroll through the Freaky Forest, visit The Boneyard and its 3D maze, brave the spin-chilling Haunted House and, new for 2014, the mystifying Warp Tunnel.


new European MD Andrew Jacobs (pictured) gas joined Accesso's executive team as managing director for Europe, working out of the company’s UK office. Jacobs joins the ticketing and queuing specialist following a successful tenure with OmniCo, which specialises in advising companies on technology in the entertainment and retail sectors. He was also a co-founder of MATRA

Systems, before selling the company to Clarity/OmniCo in 2006. “With more than 25 years in the retail transaction business in both the attractions and entertainment industries, Andrew brings proven leadership skills, business development expertise and passion for technology to Accesso” says COO for North America and Europe, Steve Brown.


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