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Kite fantastic
LOOKS fun doesn’L t it?
This is kitesurfing –
and this is Royal Marine ana
Lt ScullyLt LtLt , one of 11 RN
and RM personnel who andd
AA work in work in
heheaded to the Canaries for the
iinaugural kite camp.
As the name implies, the
sport is surfing harnessing the
– stunning
power of the wind (the kite is
out of shot here, sadly).
With the first tri-Service
kitesuring contest due to
take place later this summer,
of HMS
the small band of sailors and
marines who’ve taken up the
sport decided to head south
to practise (courtesy of some
(we’ll fi nish
dosh from the RNRM Sports
painting her
Fuerteventura in the
Canaries is kitesurfing’s
Mecca thanks to the
in time...)
favourable winds.
It also means that aside
from the Senior Servicemen
there were a lot of other
riders (not to mention some
unforgiving reefs).
The important thing was
that the wind held for six days
– which it did.
And that meant that the
riders could hail their first
training camp a success –
enough of a success to spark
plans for “something bigger
and better next year”.
More details can be found
at or from
Lt Cdr Bob Bowman at bob.
Ladies’ haul of fame
restore pride
AFTER a generally poor display
at the 2008 event and the
unavailability of many key players
rocks – A HAUL of five medals
Senior Service expectations
for this year’s Inter Services
Seawolf test
– including a gold –
Basketball tournament at RAF
cemented the Royal Navy
Cranwell in late April were
in the Med
as the best female boxing not high, writes Cdr Rob Knill,
team in the land.
Chairman RNMBA.
They can claim that title after
However, through good
their performance in the Women’s
coaching, man management and
Amateur Boxing Association
with a set of players who were
National Championships in
all really keen to play as a team,
results at all levels were most
Seven naval ladies stepped into
encouraging and bode well for the
the ring for the competition, with
three knocked out at the semi-
With many of our younger
final stage: Lt Cdr Sollitt (DLO
Royal Marine players still
Andover), AB Bowens (Neptune)
returning from their six-month
and AB Locke (Bulwark) lost on
tour in Afghanistan, numbers
for the junior squad in particular
All the
close points decisions to their
civilian opponents, nevertheless
were down, but they put in some
securing well-deserved bronze
huge performances.
action from
medals for the team.
Losing both matches – to
That left four RN competitors
the Army by 60-49 and to the
Yeovilton Air
in the finals: PO(ET) Teeling
RAF 45-31– had the new men’s
(Collingwood), PO(ET) Palin
coaching team of WO1 ‘Sid’
(Cornwall), AB Ingman (Kent)
Nicholls (HQ Navy Command)
and Lt O’Connor (Temeraire).
and POMA Matt Berry (RH
PO(ET) Teeling participated at
Gibraltar) been given just a little
the novice class C category at
more time to build on the team’s
51kg and faced former Dutch
awesome defensive effort both
kickboxing champion Shekira Lea
results could so easily have been
(Waltham Forest ABC).
Despite limited boxing
There were some outstanding
experience, her kickboxing past
displays across the board, chief
would prove to be a challenge for
amongst them being Mne
George Morris (42 Cdo) who
Using her speed of shots and
distributed the ball exceptionally
intelligent movement Teeling
well, LET(ME) Ben Whittaker
managed to fend off the stronger
(Cumberland) and AET Zac
● Seven belles (plus one bloke – coach POPT Stuart O’Connor) who brought back a medals haul from
opponent for the first two rounds.
Porter (820 NAS), whose height
The kickboxing experience paid
came to the fore both in defence
From storm
off in the last round however to
of the round and was forced to ABA Championship Final. Forcing her opponent to miss,
and attack.
secure a points victory, leaving the
retire. A proud performance saw Pitched against a strong the sailor capitalised on the
ET(ME) John Pearson
front to front
Navy boxer with silver.
Palin return with silver on this opponent Hayley Webb (Met mistakes and scored her shots
(Tireless) provided some much-
PO(ET) Palin faced Jodie
occasion. Police), O’Connor needed to
throughout the remaining rounds
needed power and determination
line – how
Brierly (Chadd ABC) in the Class
At 46kg, the smallest of the win to secure her position in
to secure a close but decisive
alongside new fi nd LPT ‘Scouse’
B novice 75kg category. Towering
RN contingent, AB Ingman won the international squad and her
points victory.
Reeves (Collingwood) and
L/Cpl Dale Solf (JHC Yeovilton).
the weather
over her opponent, Palin was
a bye through to the final. After a British ranking.
“I thought it would be a close
forced to ride an initial rush from
considerable training programme All the pressure was on the
A richly-deserved new cap was
fight. Hayley is an awkward
the smaller boxer – and managed
also awarded to AB (CIS) ’Irish’
dictates RN
unfortunately Ingman’s only naval officer as she stepped into
to evade her early attacks.
counter-boxer and I couldn’t
opponent pulled out leaving her the ring to defend her title. It was
Ireland (Chatham), who is
Surprisingly Palin was down by
afford to make mistakes. I knew
with a walkover, but as she had a cagey start with feints and speed
certainly one for the future.
a point after the first round so she
I had to be patient and pick my
not competed in the competition, of shots from both boxers.
Missing that essential
set out positively in the second
no medal. Unperturbed by this The policewomen adopted
shots, thankfully I stuck to our
basketball ingredient of height,
round picking off her opponent
temporary disappointment, a counter-boxing style while
game plan and it paid off” said Lt
the Ladies squad also found it
successfully as she charged
Ingman is a talented young boxer O’Connor stalked her opponent
pretty tough going but stuck to
and one to watch for the future. around the ring.
All the more impressive, this
their task with terrifi c resolve
Despite reversing the points
The last of the Navy’s The points were even after the
win makes it four consecutive losing their matches 28-60 to the
deficit clearly in the second round
competitors, Lt O’Connor first round and O’Connor knew
ABA titles for the naval officer and Army and 33-80 to the RAF.
disaster struck as Palin sustained
was not unfamiliar with these she had to step up her game if she
secures her ranking as number one Tested by players from
an injury in the dying seconds
circumstances as this was her fifth was to secure the win.
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