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Deaths Ask Jack Reunions
Rear-Admiral Derek Spickernell. requested that he set up a similar map meet Rosenvelt 1941. Survived the sinking Royal Tournament: Whilst at the Royal JULY 2009 from September 25 to 27. For further details
Trained as an artifi cer apprentice and was room in the White House. In 1942 he when she was bombed by the Japanese in Tournament 1959 as part of Field Gun RNA Falmouth Branch: Sea Sunday has please contact Jim Smith at lyntondale@
selected for a commission in 1939. He was appointed Junior Staff Offi cer (Flag the South China Sea 1941. Letchworth and Battery Offi ce Team, an American gentleman been held for the past 25 years on the third, tel: 01302 841806 or
graduated as a lieutenant (E) in 1942 and Lieutenant) to Vice-Admiral Bruce Fraser and Hitchen RNA and previously Harwich and saw our Battery Cdr, Cdr Peter Barton, with Sunday in July, this year July 19. Falmouth write to Lyntondale, Kirton Lane, Stainforth,
was appointed to Abdiel laying minefi elds in served in Anson. The following year he sailed district branch. May 29. Aged 91. a view to taking a team and their equipment RNA together with the Mayor of Falmouth, Doncaster, DN7 5BP.
the Sicilian narrows. In 1943 he transferred with Admiral Fraser on board Duke of York Bob Parry. Served 1943-46 at Pembroke to appear at Chicago’s ‘Grand ol’ Oprey’. I the Town Council and the Church of King
to the Wayland based in North Africa then witnessing the sinking of the Scharnhorst and on several ships in the Far East and believe a team of FAA went there. Were any Charles the Martyr invite you to join us.
volunteered for submarines. After training and the Japanese surrender. At the invitation home waters, also LST landing craft during of the Navy News readers part of that team? Parade assembles at 1020 on the Moor,
Calling all ex Diamonds: Reunion this
in the UK he joined the submarine Tally Ho of General McArthur he was one of the fi rst the D-Day landings. Wrexham branch. May Contact Colin Taylor, 53 Bernard House, Falmouth and sets off to the church led by
year is in Portsmouth at the Royal Beach
at Trincomalee taking part in successful four Allied servicemen into Tokyo after the 30. Henrys Walk, Ilford, IG6 2NS. the Volunteer Band, HMS Seahawk (RNAS
Hotel, South Parade, Portsmouth, PO4
actions against Japanese shipping and surrender. He demobbed in 1946 when his John Tarbin. Joined Ganges as HO 1943 Capt K L Harkness RN: Col Ronnie Culdrose) and standards. Service starts 1100.
0RN. For full details contact Ray Shipley at
in 1944 he transferred to the Statesman career in fi lms began. April 27. Aged 93. and served on minesweepers in Malta and McCrum is doing a doctorate on the British On completion of the service the parade
20 Winchester Way, Rainham, Gillingham,
as engineer offi cer; her patrols saw many Sir Peter Webster. Upon leaving school Italy. Vice President of Sudbury, Halstead attitudes towards and ideas about the reforms to march to the National Maritime
Kent, ME8 8DD or tel: 01634 267084 or
enemy vessels sunk by gunfi re; she also fi red in 1942 he joined the Fleet Air Arm and and Hedlingham RNA. June 1. Aged 85. Japanese before WW2, which indirectly Museum. To assist in planning please
Dave Nairn at 21 Binness Way, Farlington,
the last British torpedo of the WW2. After the was sent fi rst to New Brunswick, Canada led to the debacle of the fall of Singapore. contact the secretary for a booking form.
Portsmouth, Hants, PO6 1LD.
war he served in submarines Telemachus, and then on to Lake Ontario for basic fl ying
He has discovered that the RN intelligence Contact Ron Burdekin at RNAFalmouth@
HMS Illustrious Association: The
Tudor and Alcide; by 1951 was in charge training. Subsequently he was sent by the
Cdr G Anderson. Served: Alaunia,
organisation there was headed by a Capt or tel: 01326 221851.
annual reunion and AGM will be held at the
of submarine refi ts at Portsmouth; by 1960 Admiralty to Somerset where he learnt to fl y
President, Defender, Osprey, Heron, Ark
Harkness, who reported directly to the CinC,
Ambassador Hotel, Llandudno from October
was Deputy Captain Superintendent of the a Tiger Moth. Although he was not involved
Royal, Mercury, Britannia, Sultan and
Admiral Layton, and he wants to fi nd out
SEPTEMBER 2009 16 to 19. Details from the Secretary: Diane
underwater weapons research establishment in combat his job of fl ying planes on and off
more about him. In particular, he would like
14th Carrier Air Group Reunion Coleman at or
at Portland. Promoted Captain 1962 he was aircraft carriers was dangerous; in his group
Lt W G E S Cloke. Served: Condor,
to fi nd out more about his family, whether
Association: The 15th reunion for anyone tel: 01424 720745.
CO of Fisgard; 1967-70 deputy director of 19 pilots there were only two survivors.
Raleigh, Gannet, Drake, Seahawk and
he had children, and thus to track down
who served with 804 and 812 NAS, HM HMS Jupiter Association: AGM and
of the Naval Ship Production Department April 10. Aged 85.
any family papers which might be of interest
Ships Ocean, Glory and Theseus 1946-52, or reunion at the Webbington Hotel, Weston
at Bath; 1970 promoted commodore and Daniel Patrick Carroll (Danny La Rue).
Capt G S Coumbe. Served: Anson,
in his researches. In the event that you are
at any other time, will be held on September Super Mare on October 3, full weekend rates
was chief executive of the Defence Quality Entered the RN at 18 and served in the Far
Osprey, Belfast, Collingwood and Nelson.
able to help could you contact Capt R F
26, at the RNA Club, Royal Leamington available. Please see full details on www.
Assurance Board at the MOD. Promoted East. He joined the ship’s concert party and
Lt Cdr G M Craig-McFeely. Served:
Channon RN at
Spa. Wives, partners and family members or contact Norman Blain at
rear-admiral 1971 and appointed CB in 1974. looked stunning in his fi rst part dressed up
Charity, Vernon, Defender, Dolphin and
or write to Almond House, Stoke by Nayland,
welcome. Further details from Ken Lambert or tel: 07944
He was Director General Quality Assurance as a native girl in White Cargo and continued
Colchester, CO6 4SA.
at or tel: 01733 10122.
at the MOD (Procurement Executive) until to star as a girl in concert party revues
Cdr D B Davis. Served: Gambia, Eagle,
Stoker F E Ellis: Seeking relatives of
234655. Mauritius Veterans: Reunion for all those
retiring 1975. May 14. Aged 87. throughout his three years in the Navy;
Torquay, Vernon, Danae, Juno, Dolphin,
Stoker, F E Ellis who served in WW1. I have
HMS Gambia Association: AGM/Reunion who served at HMS Mauritius (shore base)
Capt Frank Gregory-Smith DSC* DSO*. he was demobbed in 1947. He returned
Centurion and Dryad.
a medal which I would like to return to his
to be held at the Savoy Hotel, Skegness, in the 1960s and 1970s. This will be held
Entered Dartmouth 1922 and served as a to his job as a window dresser for a short
Lt Cdr J H P Fligg. Served: Shropshire,
family. Contact Mrs A Dubb on 01769
from September 25 to 28. Contact Hon Sec, on October 10 in the WO & SR Mess, HMS
cadet on Tiger in 1927. As a midshipman time then was offered a job in the chorus of
Egret, Wakeful and St Vincent.
Les Newman, 3 Coppice Road, Whitnash, Nelson, Portsmouth. If you are interested in
he served in Cumberland and Suffolk on the Forces Showboat and appeared in Forces in
Communications Offi cer R H George.
Civil Service: Alfred is willing to pay for
Royal Leamington Spa, CV31 2JE or tel: attending, please contact Tina Lowe at tina.
China station and in 1932 as a lieutenant he Petticoats and Soldiers in Skirts. He raised
Served: Bherunda, Blackcap, Nuthatch,
sets of the 1934 through to 1939 (or parts)
01926 831599 for details. or tel: 01329 843347.
served in Warspite, then two years in the hundreds of thousands of pounds for Aids
Sanderling, Heron and Gamecock.
of Civil Service Examination Papers for entry
River Class Frigate Association: 24th RN Shipwrights & Artisans Association:
gunboat Cricket on the Yangtze. As 1Lt in charities, work for which he was appointed
Lt Cdr G Howlett-Martin. Served:
into the Royal Navy as Engine-room Artifi cer
annual reunion to be held at the Royal Navy Annual Dinner & Dance at the Royal
Foresight during the Spanish Civil War he OBE in 2002. May 31. Aged 81.
Apprentices. Contact Alfred E Deeble, 196
Club, Leamington Spa, September 19. Maritime Club, Queen Street, Portsmouth
saw action; and in the Norwegian campaign
Peter Lockwood. L/S. Served 1952-62
Lt E W Huke. Served: Phoebe, Fisgard, Cornwell Avenue, Valley Stream, NY, 11580,
Muster at 1100, lunch 1400. Castle-class on October 17. For further details contact
in Jaguar then she was ordered to Dunkirk
in Opossum, Ulysses and St Austell Bay;
Chameleon and Malcolm USA.
frigates, Flower-class corvettes plus other Brian Moggeridge at brian@moggeridge.
where she was crippled but towed back to
member of HMS Wizard and HMS Cadiz
Cdr B M D I’Anson. Served: Jersey, Falkland Islands 1982-83: CRS
escort groups are all welcome – as they all or tel: 023 9237 8462 or
Dover due to his efforts at damage-control.
Association. April 19. Aged 72.
Wolfhound, Leamington, Intrepid, Meynell, Terry Hutchinson served RN 1979-2003,
did the same job. This is the 24th reunion Clive Sinclair at chasjas@kbrook.wanadoo.
In 1940 he commissioned the Eridge and
Ady Medford. Associate member HMS
Rocket, Comus, President, Drake, Seahawk RAN 2003-2007. I am trying to locate a
at the RNA Club so it can’t be bad. Contact or tel: 023 9225 1087.
was to be her only captain. After Atlantic
Wizard and HMS Cadiz Association. Widow
and Loch Lomond. photograph of a group of matelots which
Ray Dodd, Clayleaches Farm, Arlies Lane, HMS Yarmouth: Reunion will be held in
convoys, he deployed in 1941 to the
of John Medford navigator yeoman 1944-46.
Lt H C Knight. Served: St Vincent, included myself being awarded the South
Stalybridge, Cheshire, SK15 3PZ or tel: 0161 the Inglewood Hotel, Torquay from October
Mediterranean where he was ordered to
June 8.
Hermione, Orlando and Cabala. Atlantic Medal from the then Governor,
338 4298. 23 to 26. £110pp for three nights (no single
protect a damaged destroyer Firedrake and
Denis Gordon Atkins. POMA. Served
Lt Cdr I G Lovesey. Served: Nigeria, Sir Rex Hunt in late 1982/early 1983 at
River Plate Veterans and Families supplement). Contact John Bryant, 47
was awarded a DSC. At the second battle of
1943-47 in Victorious, Mediterranean, Indian
Surprise, Dryad, Crane, Duchess and Vigo. Government House Port Stanley. One of the
Association: 70th anniversary reunion at Lavender Way, Bradley Stoke, Bristol, BS32
Sirte in 1942, Eridge was reduced to fi ring
Ocean and Pacifi c. Burma Star Association.
Lt F Matthews RNVR group was a Lt Cdr who wore the green beret
the Royal Fleet Hotel, Devonport, Plymouth 0LR or tel: 0117 947 0122.
blanks to protect the merchantman Clan
May 12. Aged 85.
Lt Cdr R D C McAlpine RNVR. Served: being an ex bootie. I lost my copy and would
Campbell – the slowest of the dispersed
Stanley Norris. CPO(OC). Served 1951-
President appreciate any help in getting it replaced. I
convoy and eventually sunk just outside
73 in Victory, Ceres, Dryad, Indomitable, St
Lt Cdr S A Mearns DSC. Served: Heron. served on board HMS Glasgow and recall
Valetta; Eridge picked up survivors around
Vincent, CinC Ports, Sheffi eld, Excellent,
Cdr B H C Nation. Served: Daedalus, one of the group was on board the Sheffi eld
Sports lottery
a minefi eld for three hours and he received
Afrikander (SA), Eastbourne, Ganges and
Vulture, Triumph and Eagle. during the confl ict. Contact Terry Hutchinson
the DSO. Weeks later he was awarded a Bar
Grenville. Nautical Club Birmingham. May
Lt Cdr J S Pallot. Served: Enterprise, at or 28
for his part in the 15-hour pursuit of U568.
21. Aged 77.
Devonshire, Affray, Tamar, Gravelines and Ritchie Drive, Rockingham, 6168, Western
Later Eridge was torpedoed amidships by
Lawrence ‘Andy’ Anderson. POEL. Took
Striker Australia. Capt S J Murdoch to be Commanding
May 23: £5,000 – Mne D M Churchley;
an Italian MTB, causing fl ooding and she
part in the battle to sink the Scharnhorst.
Lt B C B Portman. Served: Repulse, HMS Indomitable Association: The Offi cer of HMS Raleigh from December.
£1,500 – Mne D R Coles; £500 – Maj
was towed back to Alexandria with a 20ft
Served in submarines Cyclops (D-Day
Ramillies and Vernon. numbers in the association are diminishing, Cdr T Russell to MWS DDS as CO C R S Dare RM.
hole; he was mentioned in despatches. After
operations), Safari, Token, Saga and
Capt D G Roome. Served: Prince of so we are looking for anyone who served in Defence Diving School on August 3. May 30: £5,000 – AB J F Elliot; £1,500 –
appointment as senior training offi cer for
Tabard; also served St George, Defi ance,
Wales, Tremadoc Bay, Cheviot, Chevron, Indomitable between 1941 and 1955 to keep AB R Tinley; £500 – LME Mouron-Adams.
Force G he helped plan the landings on Gold
Dolphin, Forth, Drake, Phoenicia, Childers,
Pembroke, Tyrian, Loch Lomond, Britannia, the association going as long as possible. We June 6: £5,000 – LAET2 F M Macleod;
Beach in Normandy and acted as principal
Cumberland, Collingwood and Diana. May
President, Euryalus, and Malabar. have an AGM in September and a quarterly
beachmaster in the assault phase of D-Day,
21 Prince Edward Isle, Canada.
Capt C le M Scott. Served: Renown, newsletter is sent to members. Any member Swap drafts
£1,500 – WEM2 A J Stevenson; £500 – Mne
J J Griessel.
for which he was awarded a Bar to his DSC.
Colin Roskilly. CPO Cook. Served the RN
Black Prince, Sussex, Excellent, Dampier, of the ship’s company is invited to contact June 13: £5,000 – Surg Lt Cdr S A Miles;
In the 1950s he was naval attaché in Ankara
for 32 years in Volage, Indomitable, Triumph,
Victory and President. the secretary Ralph Harvey at ralphharvey@ £1,500 – PO M Woods; £500 – ETWESM
and his last appointment was as Chief Staff
Ceylon, Lion, Murray and Vernon. May 12.
Chaplain R C Sinclair. Served: Sea Eagle, or tel: 01642 490463. M J Thompson.
Offi cer (Intelligence) to CinC Mediterranean;
Aged 80.
Victory and Lion HMS Porpoise: To help with a project
he retired from the Navy in 1960. His
Lt Cdr Desmond Kelly. Served Vernon,
Cdr A J R Smith. Served: Gambia, ‘Rommel’s Africa Campaign’, we are looking
LS(Sea) Johnson drafted to HMS
Find all the latest RN and RM
memoirs are deposited with the Imperial War
Dartmouth Training Squadron, RNAS Brawdy,
Euryalus, Mounts Bay, President and for surviving veterans from Porpoise. The
Liverpool will swap for any Plymouth-based
Sports Lottery results online at www.
Museum and Red Tobruk, the story of his
RNAS Halfar, Malta, BRNC Dartmouth,
Armada. captain was Lt Cdr E F Pizey, when the
ship. Contact or including details of
wartime years, was edited by his grandson
Sultan and Terror. April 29. Aged 75.
Lt Cdr R J Thompson RD* RNR.
Porpoise attacked the Italian SS Jason
07789 402209.
how to apply for a lottery grant.
and published in 2008. May 4. Aged 99.
Derek John Wood. CPO. Joined as a boy
Cdr R J Tunstall. Served: Daedalus,
(Sebastiano Venier) on December 9, 1941.
Surg Cdr Lucan Pratt RNVR. Graduated
and served 1942-68 in Jewel, Indomitable,
Albatross, Fulmar and Drake.
Besides any surviving veterans, does anyone
in medicine 1929 his special interest was the
Wakeful, Belfast, Terror (1960-63) and Hecla
Lt F W C Wake. Served: Torquay,
know of any written or recorded memories
chemistry of digestion and anaesthesia and
(1968). April 16. Aged 80.
Bellerophon and Barrosa.
of eye witnesses? If you can help please
Contact sheet
the expert medical evidence he submitted
P J ‘John’ Wray. NA(AH). Served
Lt J C Williams
contact Dr Carl Werner von Savigny at
to the Board of Inquiry into the loss of the
1948-55 in Ocean (Korea), Illustrious and or write to MPR Film und
submarine Thetis in Liverpool Bay in 1939
Indefatigable. Derbyshire branch Fleet Air
Fernseh Produktion GmbH, Prinzregentenstr.
led to his appointment as medical offi cer
D ‘Derrick’ Alsopp. Tel T/O. Submarine
Arm Association.
75, D-81675, Munchen, Germany. Ministry of Defence: 0870 607 4455, Seafarers UK: 020 7932 0000, www.
in charge of the Royal Navy’s Physiological
service 1943-46 in Unshaken and Tally-Ho.
Stanley G Allett. POAM(E). Served 1940-
HMS Kandahar: Seeking survivors and
Laboratory at Alverstoke, Hampshire. He
Sheffi eld branch. Aged 83.
46 in Formidable (Far East 1942). Founder
relatives who wish to be informed of the 1941 Royal Navy recruitment: 0845 607 5555, SSAFA Forces Help: 0845 1300 975,
helped build the submarine escape test tanks
A ‘Andrew’ Brown. CPO EA. Submarine
member and treasurer for many years of
disaster. Contact Valerie Pennifer on 01462
at Dolphin and was appointed OBE. At great
service 1952-68 in Tudor, Aeneas, Scorcher
Wrekin branch Fleet Air Arm Association.
711188 or Veterans Agency: 0800 169 2277, www. RN Community:
peril to himself in 1944 he studied at close
and Alliance. Dolphin branch. Aged 80.
Aged 92. Royal Naval Museum: 023 9272 7562,
range the physiological effects of underwater
J E ‘John’ Dixon. CEMA(P). Submarine
Frederick E Thornton. Ordinary Seaman.
Medals enquiries: 0800 085 3600
explosions; a job which he estimated would
service 1940-72 in Severn, U1023, Sea Devil,
Served in Glorious 1940 and last remaining
in normal conditions occupy two years had
Sturdy, Thorough, Tradewind, Truncheon, Honours
RN and RM Service records: 023 9262 Fleet Air Arm Museum: 01935 840565,
of the Glorious ’38 survivors following her
8779 or 023 9262 8667 www.fl
to be completed in eight weeks before the
Finwhale and Otway (RAN). Barrow branch.
sinking 8 June 1940. Founder member
Royal Naval Association: 023 9272 3823, Royal Marines Museum: 023 9281 9385,
imminent Normandy landings. One practical
Aged 87.
of Glorious, Ardent & Acasta Association
outcome was the design of the kapok jacket
P ‘Pat’ Harmsworth. Tel(TO). Submarine
(GLARAC). May 9. Aged 87.
RNBT: 023 9269 0112 (general), 023 9266 RN Submarine Museum: 023 9252 9217,
used for the protection of frogmen clearing
service 1945-48 in Storm, Taciturn, Tactician
James Hudson. CPO FAA. Served 1948-
0296 (grants),
French harbours such as Cherbourg. May
and Telemachus. New Zealand branch. Aged
Appointments to the Military Division of
79 in 845 NAS, Culdrose, Bulwark and
British Legion: 08457 725725, www. National Maritime Museum: 020 8312
14. Aged 87.
the Most Honourable Order of the Bath
Borneo. May 18. Aged 79. 6565,
Cdr Brian Goord DSC. After serving in
D ‘Don’ Ritchie. AB UW2. Submarine
As Knight Commander
Rita Errington. Chief Wren Stores. Served
Naval Families Federation: 023 9265 Imperial War Museum: 020 7416 5320,
the New Zealand Shipping Company until
service 1954-62 in Tiptoe, Trenchant,
Vice Adm Alan Michael Massey
1951-73 Fleet Air Arm in most air stations in
1934 he joined the RNR and while training
Seadevil, Talent, Artemis and Tireless.
As Companions
safety equipment and fl ying clothing. Aged
at Dartmouth Naval College he was recruited
Bromley branch. Aged 73.
Rear Adm David John Cooke; Rear Adm
into the Royal Indian Navy (RIN) which at the
G A ‘George’ Underwood. L/Sto (MID*).
Neil Morisetti; Rear Adm Anthony John Rix
outbreak of WW2 owned only eight minor
John Forgham. LME. Served 1952-61 in
Appointments to the Military Division of
warships and depended on the Royal Navy
submarines Aurochs and Thermopylae. June
Submarine service 1940-52 in Otway, Sahib,
the Most Excellent Order of the British
for offi cers. His fi rst seagoing appointment
11. Aged 74.
Tuna and Scythian. Northants branch. Aged
Empire Share your unique story with people
was to the sloop Hindustan in 1935. In ROYAL NAVAL ASSOCIATION
B F ‘Bernard’ Warwick. AB ST. Submarine
As Commanders
who are important to you. From
1938 he returned for specialist courses Edward George ‘Ted’ Currey. AB.
service 1942-46 in Telemachus. Blackpool
Cdre Eric Fraser; Cdre David John
everyday details to extraordinary
in navigation and anti-submarine warfare Leading Torpedo Operator. Served WW2
branch. Aged 83.
Jarvis; Cdre David George Steel
and became the RIN’s staff anti-submarine 1943-46. Perth, Western Australia branch.
D ‘Dave’ Webster. L/Sea UC2. Submarine
As Offi cers
events, your life will be captured on
offi cer and CO of the anti-submarine school. May 13. Aged 84.
service 1961-64 in Narwhal and Onslaught.
Cdr Alan Joseph Dorricott; Cdr Paul Speak to John Lister
CD. Book also available.
He invented the Goord Goldfi sh, a device Keith Wild. Associate member Hanworth Blyth branch. Aged 71.
Edward Dunn; Cdre Richard Culworth
that issued a stream of bubbles when towed RNA Club. May 21.
Hawkins; Cdr Colin Ross Mackay; Col 01395 568028
E: barbara.gibson@
behind a motor-boat that returned a credible Charles H R Breden. AB SG Gunnery.
John Alexander McCardle RM; Cdr Mark
PO(LTO). Served in
submarine-like echo for training Asdic Joined Chatham 1943 and served in Bristol,
James Wood.
Anthony Pomeroy; Cdr David Shutts; Capt
T: 01722 743323
Postillion. Aged 88.
(under-water detection) operators in ships. Glandower, Wellesley, SS President III
John Stuart Weale
Phillip D Edwards. AB. Served in Regulus.
In 1944 he was on anti-submarine patrol DEMS, SS Dalanna DEMS, Golden Hind,
As Members
March 20. Aged 83.
near the Seychelles as part of Eastern Fleet Indefatigable and Pembroke. Chelmsford
CPO AET(Av) Garry Alexander Adams;
Lt Cdr William G Harding. Served in
Force 66 when U198 was sunk and the Asdic RNA. May 12. Aged 84.
POLogs(P) Jonathan Andrew Crockett;
performance was particularly praised – he Ronald Frederick ‘Joe’ Palmer RM.
Lioness. April 24. Aged 91.
WO1 MEM Paul Wilfred Drewball; CPOLogs
was awarded the DSC. From 1945 to the end Wartime service on craft LCF19 (LCGF 175).
Gordon Martin. AB. Served in Marvel. (CS) Mark James Finnigan; Maj Paul Scott DID YOU SERVE IN THE W.R.N.S. …
of the war with Japan he was assistant chief Market Harborough branch; he left bottles of
May 31. Aged 74. Gellender RM; Maj Benjamin Eric Halsted
of staff (operations and intelligence) to the rum and port for shipmates to celebrate his
Benny Thompson. AB. Served in Rifl eman RM; Cdr David Malcolm Harding; Surg Lt …and have a daughter who will be aged between
Flag Offi cer RIN. 1946 there was widespread life at the next meeting. April.
and Plucky. June 12. Aged 84. Lara Jane Herbert; Chaplain Michael John
civic unrest fuelled by activists, one offi cer Edward Pitts. Served in the 15th Royal DUKE OF YORK ASSOCIATION
Hills; CPOET (ME) Christopher Philip Parry; 16 and 25 years on 31 July 2009?
and nine ratings died and he was sent to Hussars Malay Borneo Confrontation. Edmund Horace Arthur Moorby. Chief
WO2 Philip Albert Shuttleworth RM; Lt Cdr
INS Valsura, the torpedo school at Jamnagar Associate member of Lydd and Dungeness Stoker on board Duke of York 1942-45
Kevan William Slimmon; CPOAEA (Mech) If so, she may be eligible for the annual Vera Laughton Mathews Award set
in Gujarat, to preside over a local board of RNA. May 23. Aged 73. serving on Russian and Arctic Convoys
Ian Macmillan Smith; WO1 (CISS) Julie
inquiry; on the transfer of power to India Frank Leonard Trindall. Able Seaman. from Scapa Flow also in Tokyo Bay for the
Marie Wilde
up for daughters of ex-W.R.N.S. personnel to enable the successful applicant
and the division of the navy between India Chatham rating. Served 1939-51 over the Japanese surrender. January 10. Aged 93.
Queen’s Volunteer Reserve Medal
to take full advantage of higher education or special training opportunities.
and Pakistan he was compulsorily retired in war in Tobruk and other campaigns and Sidney ‘Sid’ Charles Pickett. Joined ship
CPOAEA (Elec) Christopher Bailes RNR;
1947. May 18. Aged 97. into the Suez crisis. Aboard Kimberly when as a Boy Seaman and was a Signalman on
Lt Cdr Clive Francis Langmead RD RNR
Closing date for applications 31.7.09. Further details from the secretary:
Lt Vivian Cox. Joined RNVR in 1940 torpedoed and received the ‘Oak Leaf’ for board Duke of York 1942-43 and drafted Association of Wrens 8 Hatherley Street London SW1P 2QT
and served in Euclase. Commissioned as his bravery. Life member of Cleethorpes RNA to King George V 1945; also HMS Belfast
a sub-lieutenant he was selected to work and also a long-standing chair of the same Association. May 17. Aged 83.
or email 020 7932 0111
in the Admiralty War Room and set up the branch. June 7 in Western Australia. Colin John Child. Seaman. Served the Competition Charity No. 257040.
fl oating map room on board Duke of York Dave Wackrill. AB. Served 1939-45. RN for 25 years and was on board Duke of
for Winston Churchill and accompanied him Piped Sir Winston Churchill aboard Prince of York 1944-46 as a Boy Seaman during the
to Washington where President Roosevelt Wales when she took to him to Canada to Japanese surrender. May 30. Aged 82.
Winners for the fi ve pairs of tickets to
the Yeovilton Air show are:
Mrs E Davies, Buriton Hampshire
Jason Kaye, Cowling, Nr Keighley
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