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Rob proves
he is the Teenager again
FOR the second time in
A NAVAL officer has won a
his remarkable life, Henry
prestigious management award for
Allingham became a teenager
his work with a ship’s flight.
when he celebrated his 113th
Lt Cdr Rob Milligan has been birthday at a private party for
declared Northern Ireland’s family and friends at HMS
Chartered Manager of the Year,
President in London.
recognising his “exceptional
Following a fly-past by Navy
leadership and management
Lynx from 815 NAS and the
delivery of his birthday cake by Honour
To achieve the required
Royal Marines in a raiding craft,
standard, Rob had to demonstrate
Henry said: “It’s wonderful – I
how he had made a significant and
never expected this honour.”
real difference to the Royal Navy,
Born in Clapton, East London,
for jungly
undergoing a tough assessment
in 1896, Henry – now officially
process including the submission
the oldest man in the world –
of a portfolio of work illustrating
joined the Royal Naval Air leader
the business impact he had made. Service in September 1915 and
Rob is moving from RNAS has maintained his links with the THE man who led the Commander
Yeovilton, where he is training Service ever since. Helicopter Force through one of
officer for the Lynx simulator He saw action in World War its most challenging periods has
facility, to become regional 1 in France and at the Battle been recognised in the Queen’s
recruiting officer for Northern of Jutland, flying seaplane patrols Birthday Honours list.
Ireland. among other tasks, and became Col John McCardle RM
His submission was based on a founder member of the RAF (above) was awarded the OBE in
his work as the flight commander when the RNAS and Royal Flying recognition of his “outstanding
of destroyer HMS Manchester, Corps merged in April 1918. leadership, tenacity, vision and
where he had to prepare and Too old for active service in World energy during operations in a
train his team for an operational War 2 but having been an engineer number of extremely hostile and
deployment to the Gulf at very all his adult life, Henry volunteered challenging environments.”
short notice. to work on the development of The period in question, 2005-
The Chartered Management magnetic mine countermeasures 09, saw the CHF at the forefront
Institute awards this accolade as for the Admiralty. of war fighting in both Iraq and
● Rear Admiral Simon Charlier with birthday teenager (second time around) Henry Allingham
a standard of best practice and a Henry was happily married to Afghanistan, and involved in
quality assurance benchmark for Dorothy for 52 years, with whom rode a bike until he was 100 and couple of weeks. naval aviation, and yet Henry goes operations in the Lebanon.
professional managers. he had two daughters. lived on his own until he was 110, Rear Admiral Simon Charlier, back way before that. The officer is currently in
And a delighted Rob said: He now has five grandchildren, only moving to St Dunstan’s three Chief of Staff (Aviation) – the “Henry’s longevity, spirit, fun Afghanistan as Commander of the
“The skills required of Chartered 12 great-grandchildren, 14 great- years ago, as his eyesight started to Fleet Air Arm chief – said: “It is and humour encompass everything UK’s Joint Aviation Group based
Managers are just as applicable great grandchildren and one great- become a problem. an absolute privilege to host this about the Fleet Air Arm. at Kandahar, responsible for all
in an operational environment as great-great grandchild. He has kept his home in event. “Were he slightly younger I would national helicopter operations.
they are in business.” He played golf until he was 90, Eastbourne and inspects it every “This year is the centenary of be happy to have him back!” Of his award, Col McCardle
Jimmy the (number) One
Endeavour award for Gary
said: “It is a fantastic honour to
receive this personal recognition,
but this award is also testament
PETTY Officer Gary Redfern, the Building Manager of the air traffic to the tremendous courage, hard
control tower at RNAS Culdrose, has been presented with the Culdrose work, skill and motivation of
Award for Special Endeavour by the station’s Commanding Officer, all the men and women of the
THE hair is short, and he’s Capt Graeme Mackay. Commando Helicopter Force.
from California – but there is The award recognises the contribution made by individuals to the “Without their efforts and
no escaping the past for Jimmy efficient and effective running of the air station, and is open to all Service commitment, my contribution
Osmond. and civilian employees. would have been worthless.”
Yes, this is Little Jimmy
Osmond, of Long Haired Lover
from Liverpool fame, and naturally
Pupils take a keen interest
he is pictured aboard HMS
Liverpool in Portsmouth.
YOU couldn’t ask for much more than an
Why? To promote Chicago, of
enthusiastic audience when you have something
course. Confused? It’s alright, let
to say – and that is exactly what Lt Dee
us explain.
McKenna found when she visited a Hampshire
He’s promoting Chicago – the
musical which left the West End for
Lt McKenna, of the Maritime Warfare School
a tour of the provinces, including
at HMS Collingwood, took time out of her
Southsea’s Kings Theatre.
busy teaching schedule to call in at Newtown
Jimmy’s still best known in the
Primary School in Gosport to give a careers talk
UK for that Christmas No.1 in
to around 60 pupils.
1972, and he remains the youngest
While telling them about life in the Royal
person to top the charts.
Navy, Dee referred to her own former role as
Now back on the road again,
● LS Kelly Smith, of HMS Liverpool, welcomes Jimmy Osmond on navigator on board frigate HMS St Albans,
it wasn’t a million to one against
board the destroyer
Jimmy dropping in on Liverpool
Picture: LA(Phot) Alex Knott which opened the floodgates for questions.
“It’s great to see how excited the children were
during his tour to check it out… That flooding-up process was time,” said CO Cdr Craig Wood.
when I told them about some of the things that
albeit one prefixed with ‘HMS’. watched by Jimmy and former “The ship’s company are working
we do in the Navy,” said Dee (pictured right).
Some might think it’s destiny. EastEnder Emma Barton. really hard to get Liverpool back
“I didn’t even know where
“I enjoyed having the opportunity to chat with
“In some ways, being in the into shape for the next phase of
Liverpool was back when I
the children about the job I do and answering
Forces is like showbusiness – when training.”
recorded Long Haired Lover,”
the children’s questions.
the pressure is on, you have to be Liverpool has done the business
Jimmy admitted. “But I’m grateful
“They seemed to be really intrigued in finding
able to perform whatever happens. for the Navy from the tropical
to have been part of a song like that
out about the places I have been to.”
Ultimately it’s teamwork and heat of the Caribbean to the
– one that everybody remembers, professionalism which ensures a chilly winds of the South Atlantic
Dee has been in the RN for ten years, eight of
whether you like it or not.” successful outcome,” Jimmy said. dealing with the results of the odd
them at sea, and is now passing her knowledge
Liverpool can be found in dry Having been given a tour of the natural calamity along the way, like
on to trainee navigators.
dock somewhere just off No.3 destroyer, the two actors (Emma a hurricane or a volcano, and after
Basin in Portsmouth, having just was goin’ home on this occasion, all that is ready to take her place in
been re-floated as she undergoes a as she was born in Pompey) invited the Fleet once again as the clock
refit which will carry her through sailors to watch the show. ticks down to her big finish in
the last days of her career. “It’s a welcome treat at a busy around three years’ time or so.
Diesel submariners
Replica model, hand cast in white metal, painted and mounted on a wooden
plinth with brass nameplate. Model measures approx. 8 3/4” long.
NUCLEAR submarine HMS Triumph
now has a diesel engine.
Not on board – the hunter-killer has
been officially twinned with a Class 50
locomotive of the Bodmin and Wenford
Railway which bears the same name.
+ £8.00 p&p
No 50042 was built at English
Electric’s Vulcan Foundry works and UK only
delivered to BR in late 1968.
She spent her early years hauling
express passenger trains between Crewe
and Glasgow before transferring to the
Western Region, becoming a familiar
sight between London, Plymouth and
Retired in 1990, the loco was bought
by the private railway and restored to To order your model send your name, address and daytime telephone number
pristine condition; since 1993 she has
worked the B&WR lines.
along with your cheque or credit card details to:
The twinning took place at Bodmin
General station, and was attended by the
Skytrex Ltd, Unit 1 Charnwood Business Park, North Road,
Commanding Officer of HMS Triumph, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 1LE Tel: 01509 213789
Cdr Eric Sykes, and crew members AB
Andy Love and ET Joe Rush, as well as
● From left, Cdr Eric Sykes, Commanding Offi cer of HMS
members of the Triumph Fire Fighting
Triumph, with AB Andy Love and ET Joe Rush
School at Devonport.
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